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  1. Feeder
    Hello everybody, I've been trying to breed superworms to save money feeding my 3 cane toads which can eat forever! I've got 3 tubs (adults, beetles, eggs/young worms) plus one fishing tackle container with different compartments where I put the individual superworms so they can turn into...
  2. Lizards
    Hello, i was going research and found some thread recommending this. But i think eggs could still developp once back to ambiant temperature (if hot enough)..? Same question with fridge.. People reports that most frozen fertile eggs they put in their freezer (not lizards though) will start...
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    2 polyboxes largest being approx 2ft matstat 100 heat mat substrate ideal set up just missing digital thermomerter
  4. Spiders and Inverts
    I mated my female Avic avic about two months ago and she duly laid an egg sac a couple of weeks later. Almost straight after the female laid her sac the male moulted and I worried that the sac would be no good. However she stayed with it and last night I decided it had been long enough (about 6...
  5. Snakes
    Help - eggs hatching... I have had a Bairds Rat Snake for about 2 years and a Texas grey (female) rat snake for about a year. They live together in a 4x2 vivarium. They mated a few months ago. I now have a clutch of 14 eggs in an incubator on vermiculite and 3 of them have started to crack...
  6. Snakes
    Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri - So, I put on a John Hopkins and King Creosote CD one night - and this happens : Look closer for the 'LOCK'... ...which led to this ~~~ ... banged in the oven on 160613...
  7. Lizards
    I need help from you experienced cresty people! long story short I have 2 geks and are separate as of 5 months ago ive cleaned them thoroughly about an hour ago and just found these burried deep. I have always thought they were both male as one has massive balls and the other small lump but am...
  8. Feeder
    Have had around 80 - 100 adult cricks in a rub since Tuesday and noticing some eggs in the soil... Just wondered when would be a good time to take the box out and let them hatch? Thanks :2thumb:
  9. Snakes
    So I arrived home and checked on my eggs to find 15 healthy carpet python babies out exploring their surroundings!! Quite a surprise as I wasn't expecting them for another 5 days or so. This is my first ever snake breeding attempt, and it was a complete success! I know what you all want...
  10. Lizards
    Hello, i have +10 eggs from my leos, the first pair has been incubated for 50days @~28C°, as you can guess i'm getting very impatient, how should the eggs look at that time? Should i clearly see the gecko when candling? Please let me know!
  11. Snake Pictures
    Hello everyone Thought it was about time we put some pictures of our Axanthic hatchlings from this year.. Some are feeding fine now and growing well..!! We have one ABSOLUTELY AMAZING female that is almost white already ( a good 12 months ahead of normal) she is just wow..!! Shame I ran...
  12. Spiders and Inverts
    Hello, bit random this, but I would like to get some Death head Hawkmoth eggs, ive never kept moths before and i was wondering how easy they are to keep? also some advice on how to hatch the eggs and care for them after would be great. would i be able to hatch them this time of year? thanks!
  13. Snakes
    I woke up and saw my first clutch of only what seems to be 3 normals. They aren't moving very much and I can't see any eggs, I am leaving them with the mother for a few days before sorting them out, am I right in assuming they are all normals?
  14. Lizards
    Hi. I'm new to this forum. Um I took a pacific house gecko egg from school. It hatched. Then I fed him or her an ant. Then I researched and found out ants are bad for lizards, will he or she be ok. I only fed him one ant. He or she is about 1/2 to 1 inch. I am very happy he hatched. There were...
  15. Snake Pictures
    Hello everyone Been very mental lately and haven't managed to post. So thought i would give a guessing game for everyone on this hot evening. Had a lovely clutch of eggs last night so what will they be??? mmmmmm probably my most wanted clutch of the year..!
  16. Spider and Invert Pictures
    I found this spider with egg sacks about 2 weeks ago. I watched each day till they hatched. Hundreds of baby spiders
  17. Snakes
    Okay so it's day 57 of corn snake egg incubation, and I went in to check on them and one of the babies had slit the egg, and basically looked like it had fallen out sideways. It was lying half in half out the egg with it's head flopped to one side and not moving. The other eggs have not...
  18. Snakes
    We were in the pet shop yesterday to get aspen and there was a tiny very thin CB11 pinstripe male whos feeding card read like this: 23/11/11 - rat pup 02/12/11 - rat pup So its eaten nothing for 2 months, it must be 4 months old by now and it only weighs 41g! They didn't know what to do with it...
  19. Equipment Classifieds
    used once succesfully to hatch 15 bearded dragon eggs great condition any questions contact - 0161 776 0718 Lucky Reptile Herp Nursery II - Incubator has a built in thermostat - and the latest model is even larger than specified on this page so can fit more eggs inside. It can be used as an...
1-20 of 36 Results