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hatching eggs

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  1. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Golden Brahma hatching eggs for sale. This breed is large & great family pets as they are very docile and friendly - they lay an average of 180 eggs per year per hen. Parents are unrelated, wormed & fed quality breeder grade feed. Fertility rate is very good, we've just hatched 10/10! £2 per...
  2. Lizards
    Hello!! My 2 beardie eggs I got from Kijiji are now turning an of white/grey colour and going somewhat transparent in spots. The guy I got them from had them for about 63 days, so I am finishing the hatching process. I can see the veins and they are still plump so I know they are healthy...
  3. Avian
    whats the most exciting or unusal eggs you have hatched am bidding on emu eggs just now for a change lol
  4. Snakes
    I was wondering which incubator you guys think is the best out of these? Exo Terra Incubator - Surrey Pet Supplies or Lucky Reptile Herp Nursery II - Incubator - Surrey Pet Supplies or if there are any other incubators that I can buy that are as good/better :2thumb: I know people will say...
  5. Lizards
    Just hatched a gehyra vorax and was born with only his front legs, does anyone know the correct heat for incubation for this species because theres not much about them on the internet! any advice on what to do with the baby will be much appreciated. Thanks
1-5 of 5 Results