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  1. Snakes
    I have a wild caught pair of rough green snakes and my fem just laid 10 eggs. There is no info online about the best way to care for these eggs, does anyone here have any advice?
  2. Other Pets and Exotics
    Basically I've successfully raised some poultry and I've found a real joy in hatching them and rearing them. The only problem is my house is not built for thousands of birds, even with a chicken coop and duck house. So, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in chickens/ducks/quails? I...
  3. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    One of our Hermanni eggs hatched last weekend and I timelapsed it so you guys can see how long it takes :) YouTube - Hermanni Tortoise Hatching I aim to get a better quality camera for the next ones due in a few weeks and I'll link it in this thread if I manage to do it
  4. Snakes
    Got back from donny with my new Hogg Island.Cheaked on my eggs and look what greeted me. 1 Hatched,3Showing there heads,1 Almost showing and 2showing nothing yet.So so happy.First time breeding.Just hope i can get them feeding.:2thumb::2thumb::2thumb:
  5. Snakes
    I have a female normal ball python who lay my first clutch last year - she lay 4 eggs and I got 4 adorable normals from her. This year I paired her with my spider and she lay 7 big eggs....I can happily say that all 7 have hatched and all babies are little fatties! :2thumb: Only got 1 spider...
  6. Breeding
    my eggs are on their 54th day and three have been deflated for over a week are they dead or hatching and i dnt want to open them if they are alive i know that they could still have a bit to go but ive used damp kitchen roll and wetted the vermiculite but these three are staying the same does...
  7. Snakes
    oh im so impatient, im still waiting for Blazes' eggs to hatch (for those who may remember they were laid by my amel female that also got eggbound, she is all 100% again now though) so we are on day 58 and still no signs yet, how long are they gonna keep me waiting :lol2:
  8. Lizards
    my daughter has a gecko due to hatch in one maybe 1.5 weeks. she have everything ready for her (should be a her) when she does decided to face the world. but one thing is started to bother us. When do we take her out, ive been told i have to leave her in to eat the yolk of her egg before taking...
  9. Snakes
    Proud mom on the 30th April with a clutch of 5 eggs and 4 of the hatchlings out today after 25 days incubation at 22-28C. Eggs were incubated on a shelf at room temperatures. One egg left to pip. Mom was a Cherskyi x Tiger, Pa was a Xian x Tiger. Tiger is a Dione morph which gives the snake a...
  10. Breeding
    my corn eggs have started to hatch, they aint due for another week or two i aint got nythin to put them in or heat them ! any advice wuld be much apreciated
  11. Snakes
    i woke up this morning looked in the incubator and there was a corn snake nose poking out of 1 of the eggs yaaaaaaaaaaaay its day 50 of incubation which ive read can happen even though its a little earley cant se and slits on the other eggs yet though.
  12. Snakes
    Soo happy, got home from a weekend away, checked on the eggs in the bator and had one hatch in my hand!! :flrt: Those of you with good memories will remember that these eggs are from the snake that died, so very very very very happy! :no1: Was from the tiniest egg too, not much larger than a...
101-113 of 113 Results