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hatchling corn snake
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    I posted a few weeks ago about cornsnake hatchlings in my local reptile shop - I came home with mine today :) He sheds well apparently, and has a few feeds, but if I have issues, he'll be heading back. Here's Wheatley :D
  2. Newbie Advice
    Hi Guys Justs quick question ?? Does any one have any idea's on how i can safely escape proof my new "komodo snake starter Viv" as i've just recently bought a hatchling snow corn and It's concently trying to escape which has lead me to taking out some of it toys from it's viv to rejuice the...
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    All babys are unsexd and come with a small tub to transport them home but will need a larger home once you get them to yours.. All are feeding and sheading well and have had at least 5 feeds and 2 sheads each. They are mostly of Caroliner phase but I do have some Amels available. I am based in...
  4. Snakes
    my hatchling corn is 3 weeks old and refuses to eat should i be worried? any tips what to feed him and how? thanks for all ideas
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    I have 1 male stripe left he is the last 1 out of 12 hatchies. He is a very good feeder he is taking medium pinkies twice a week some feeds he gets 2 if any of the others refuse. He has shed twice and both sheds were complete. No reasonable offer will be refused a good home for this lil...
  6. Snakes
    Hey I took on a non-feeding anery corn hatchling (long story), about a month ago - so she is about 4 months old now She finally ate some chick thigh (thanks to the genius advise i read from Wohic's many posts! :notworthy:)last night (and she looked so cute and happy -i nearly cried - soppy...
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    I have for sale my baby amel corn snake. This is a very very reluctant sale, I bought him a month ago, but unfortunately my boyfriend (who is not great around snakes) is completely terrified of him due to his colour and eyes. :( He is fine with my ghost stripe it is just this one. He feeds and...
1-7 of 7 Results