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    Upgrading so losing this guy, works great
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    Getting a smart TV so selling my old tv £50, good condition, pickup only I'm afraid
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    As title says open to offers or swaps.
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    hi i have a hd tv wall unit cupboard door to go in a kitchen it is brand new in the box been opened to make sure all working fine, looking to swap for royals what have you got or will sell this retails at £800 in shops looking for around £500 or swaps make me an offer can only say no:2thumb:
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    Hey guys, Ive got a 27 inch Pentus HD Ready tv. It works for about half an hour at a time before over heating. If the back casing isnt on it will work forever but its not particularly pretty. It would be ideal for parts. Ive put a price of £50 on it but make me an offer, the worst I can say...
1-5 of 5 Results