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heat guard
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    I have the following accessories for sale 4ft vivarium 48x18x18inches. Has not been used but has small self tacking holes in the roof where I started to fit the heat bulb. Requires assembly. I will also throw in a ceramic lamp holder with bracket and heat guard for free. Both of these are...
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    Brand new and unused Plenty available Heat Guard A quailty vivarium heat guard made for simple installation and with a hinged door to make changing bulbs easier. 24cm x 12cm. £12 Delivered
  3. Lizards
    Hey!. So I'm currently going through quite a... disturbance amongst my reptiles at the moment :devil: and have began to check over all the equipment I currently own. One thing which I do not own however... is a bulb heat guard. I haven't got one for either my basking lamp or my ceramic heater...
  4. Lizards
    Hey I'm getting my first beardie in a few days and my viv drops to 15*C over night so i was told to get a ceramic bulb for over night. I have this viv VivExotic Viva Bearded Dragon Vivarium And it's not got much space over the hot side of the viv so I have a few questions: 1) does the night...
  5. Equipment & Supplies
    when i got my snake with viv she didn't have a bulb/heat guard. i just got one and now instead of the temp being 27/28 its gone up to 31. the metals just as hot if not hotter on the bottom of the cage as the bulb. it is a heat guard that i ordered from a reptile website produced by the company...
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    1x Black heat guard with ES holder and 40w Exo terra branded ceramic heat lamp £20 1x White heat guard with ES holder and 40w Exo terra branded ceramic heat lamp £20 1x Heatmat/heat strip. 890x150mm (35" x 6") 22watt £10 1x Habistat 600W dimming thermostat. £30 Postage costs will be additional.
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    3 ft vivarium with white mesh heat guard. Used only for a short time for a royal. It's a good viv but is not a perfect show piece of furniture, hence £30 Usk, South East Wales (not far from Newport). Buyer collects. Can send pics but just can't find them atm to post.
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    Couple of bits for sale: 100w heat lamp and guard, also spare boxed 100w lamp. £15, Used for 1 week. Brand new Jungle Vines, all 2m long. [email protected] dia, [email protected] diameter £8 each 4x Glass locks, 3 used, 1 new. £1 ea. Collection only please from Worcester (evenings), Evesham (daytime).
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    I'm looking for a new heat guard for the ceramic bulb in my royal's viv. He has one right now so it isn't a matter of urgency, but i would like to replace it. I know they're available all over the place, but i don't really want to be spending £15 on mesh, so was hoping someone has one they no...
  10. Equipment & Supplies
    Bulb guards are quite expensive in my opinion. I have made a couple with mesh which are fine for my smaller snakes but no good for my boas. I have several that are shop bought too but was thinking about other alternatives. I was wondering if this would work as a bulb guard? Excuse the dodgy...
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    Metal vivarium lock with 2 keys. Brand new - Cannot use as my homemade vivarium glass is too close together for fit the lock. Coated metal bulb guard to fit any bulb heat bulb up to 100W (Can be used with ceramic bulbs however only conical ceramic bulbs would fit). - Black with 4 x screw loops...
1-11 of 11 Results