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  1. Equipment Classifieds
    As title says, I have 4 large and 1 medium sized heaters/pads . I bought these in error (stupid !) , thinking they were ordinary heat mats. These are to be stuck under glass (as in exo terra vivs). The large ones are £15 posted , the medium one £12 posted , discount on multiples , may swap for...
  2. Snakes
    I was advised to buy an AHS heater for my massive chameleon tank to keep an ambient temp but it's inconvenient as I need to keep it near the ground and I have a misting system so am worried it will get wet and think it's better to have a ceramic heater in a dome cage resting on top of the tank...
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    Looking for about 5 ceramic heat bulbs and guards free would be good or cheap
  4. Amphibians
    hi everone just put my frogs in to a 30 inch by 18 by 18 inch tank and put in two heat pads on the side but think tank is cold..What do you recommend or use to heat your tank the heat pads are at the back and side but the temp at front is only 68f thanks again sandy
  5. Snakes
    Hi All, Was just wondering if anyone knew of the best place to pick up a Greenhouse tube heater, this will be used for my custom viv for my Carpet Python. The viv will be about 7ft tall and 6ft wide. Also what stat would be recommended to use with one of these heaters. Any advice welcomed :)
  6. Snakes
    Just to update you folk with the White Python workshop that commenced on Saturday 23rd at Ashford Common - Twickenham. I travelled to London the day previous and stayed at a nice hotel opposite Hyde Park. The weather was a tad bad with a few flakes of snow falling all around... the monkeys at...
  7. Habitat
    So I want to know if you think having a higher wattage (60w) ceramic which shouldn't need to come on for as long if I were to have a (40w) ceramic in there instead? What are people's opinions? If you think a (40w) will be strong enough to maintain a steady heat and ambient then that's what I...
  8. Lizards
    Hi all. I've just spent the best part of the morning looking for a thermostate. Unforntutaly i sometimes have to leave my dragons for a few days and i work shifts. i have a mate who looks after them when i am away. I have a timer for the uv bulb. But what i am looking for is a thermostate that i...
  9. Equipment Classifieds
    Having a clear out and raising a few quid for the grandson to spend. 3 x Exo Terra X Large Hides £6 each 2 x Exo Terra Large Hides £4.50 each Take them all £25 Lucky Reptile infra red thermometer (Temp works fine but clock resets itself, did this when I bought it, very slight damage to...
  10. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi is there anybody selling a Habistat Dimmer stat in the middlesbrough area? needed A.S.A.P!! THANKS :)
  11. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi there, i have just had a large custom made viv build and just away to buy electrics and so on, I going to but a tublar heat and was just wondering if i need to buy/build a guard for it? if anyone could give me any info i would be very greatful. katy
  12. Equipment Classifieds
    i have 2 1foot tube heater one still in packaging one not but only used for around an hour, Perfect working order £25 plus a couple of quid if you want them delivered, Pm me for details or with any questions Thanks Paul
  13. Snakes
    I am looking at getting a low running cost heater for my reptile room, but I have no idea which would be the best to use? Could you guys tell me which you use and where to get them from to give me some idea?? Regards, John
  14. Equipment Classifieds
    hi i have for sale 2 x 250watt ahs heaters they are around a year old but still in perfect working order i am looking for £35 for each heater plus £4 delivery can do a deal on both. thanks for looking Alan
  15. Equipment Classifieds
    foot long come as i ordered them not used still in wrapping ideal to heat vivs connect to thermostat and guard them job done:notworthy: 10 quid each will post but add 5 quid per item prefer collection 07920163858
  16. Equipment & Supplies
    Where do you buy yours?
  17. Snakes
    Quite a few people have had burns from ahs heaters and I was thinking about getting one so I'd guard it. I usually give my snakes a night time drop but if it's guarded is this possible? Can you get opening guards for ahs heaters? Thanks, Jamie
  18. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi, I have seen some heaters on reptile classifieds similar to reptile radiator but automatically switches of when the case reach 89degrees(i think it was 89:blush:) The problem is the person selling has been banned on here for not supplying vivs. Would you buy? You can pay via paypal, would...
1-18 of 24 Results