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heating and lighting
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  1. Snakes
    Hi everyone, I'm going to be getting an ABT soon going to be using an exo terra tank. What do you recommend for lighting and heating? Thanks
  2. Habitat
    I decided to take some advice a while ago and try using a series of GU10 halogen flood lamps to create the basking point for an adult bosc monitor. Currently, I am using a set of 3 x 50watt wide-flood halogens wired in parallel secured to a treated hardwood board suspended using brass coated...
  3. Lizards
    I recently purchased a power sun 160 mvb. It's been on my 55 gal bearded dragon tank for about 5 days now. My temperatures are just not staying high enough! 10 inches under the light the temp is in the low 90's. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I've been having to turn on my other heat...
  4. Lizards
    Hi guys, could do with a little more help. I live in a particularly cold house no matter the time of year, it gets to around 21-24 and that during the day, sometimes its colder. So my question is whats the best heating for my gecko and should I use lighting for him too? If you know some tried...
  5. Lizards
    is the habistat dimming thermostat the best way to control the heat in the vivarium while keeping the basking light on? thanks in advance :cheers:
  6. Newbie Advice
    Hi guys, I want to fit a new 1ft Tubular heating system into my 4x2x2 vivarium for my hypo. I am just wondering if this setup could be done, I want to connect the heat lamp to a thermostat but also a lighting timer. List of equipment...
  7. Newbie Advice
    Hi I have looked at a lot of care sheets for these Yemen Chameleons but i still cant get my head around what lightind and heating to use. So can you please reply with answers of what you use and what you recommend for me. (Pictures of your own Yemen Chameleons set up are welcome). Jed
  8. Snakes
    What heating should i be using for my red eyed crocodile skink? I've seen people use special lighting and heat bulbs but I have also seen heat mats been used. Jed
  9. Snakes
    Hi guys, I'm looking to purchase a boa constrictor in the near future and I will be using a 4ft vivarium. I was wondering if anyone could help me out by uploading a picture of your setup and explaining how to set up the heating and lighting. Thanks in advance :2thumb:
  10. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hi everyone, I have 2 Russian Tortoises which are around 3yrs old, they both live in a open top enclosure which is about 52'' by 23, I am torn between which bulb 2 buy. In the past I have used the Zoo Med Powersun but they always seem to blow after a few months, I heard that the Mega Ray and...
  11. Equipment & Supplies
    Hello there, I am just a little unsure of what thermostats and/or timers to get to run my future set up. I'll be building a 6 ft X 2.5 ft X 2.5 ft vivarium and I want to get the Arcadia T5... (Arcadia Complete UV Light Kit: Desert T5 54w for 48" viv) Then get a Halogen spot lamp for a basking...
  12. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Just wondering what does every one use?! I have a UV light and also a spotlight for the heat. but some times it too bright. I was thinking of changing the spot light bulb for a ceramic bulb? Also what watt bulb do you use to keep your tortoise warm and heat in there homes?? Just wonder what...
  13. Lizards
    hi, do you need to buy a thermostat when your using a ceramic heat emitter or can the green water dragon just do it themselves because they thermoregulate?? also how many watts do you suggest when using a heat emitter and a mercury vapour bulb on a 30x18x33 custom wood vivarium with a glass...
  14. Lizards
    Hey all, I currently have my year old Beardies in a 4ft viv. They have a 3ft 12% UV strip and a 60watt daylight basking spot lamp on a dimming stat and timer. This has worked well for the last year with temps being kept perfectly. I never use any heat in the viv overnight as the room the reps...
  15. Habitat
    OK, so have bought two cresties and two vivs, one new, one second hand, but I don't think either are ideal at the moment and want to resolve that quickly. The second hand viv came with no heat source at all, but it does have a T8 tube over it (on the outside of the mesh top), so the first think...
  16. Equipment Classifieds
    Need ASAP and as close to Bedford as possible, no Paypal or anything so was hoping for something close so I can collect :)))))
  17. Lizards
    Hi all can anyone help me with my problem?Ive just ordered an AX36 Vivexotic viv(4foot tall/3foot wide/2foot deep)for my veiled cham,for the heat and uv Ive bought a 100 watt mercury vapour bulb,with a n 8inch reflector with mesh.My first question is.Is that ok,and also,what would be the correct...
  18. Lizards
    Any one give any advice on whats the best way to mount ceramic bulbs or heaters for tree monitors... Seen some pics with heat guards read people say not to guard the bulbs not to sure what to do?
  19. Snakes
    i had been having trouble keeping the air temp constant in my vivs as i dont have a snake room and keep my snakes in my room so my air temp hasnt been high enough imo so i noticed these reptile one fan heater and i gotta say they are very good my vivs have an air temp of 27-28c and the light...
  20. Lizards
    Hi guys, Can anyone out there help us. we have a bearded dragon living in a 2 foot by 3 foot viv. Everything seems to be fine with him however we seem to have a repeated problem with the heat. we have everything set up with a habistat thermostat and a digital thermometer and to start with we...
1-20 of 23 Results