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    For sale: unrelated pair of Banded Gila Monsters (Heloderma suspectum “cinctum” ) Male is 2015 and female is 2016 There is a big difference in size as an extra years growth in young growing Heloderma males a big difference in the early years, but will soon catch up. The Male should be breeding...
  2. DWA Species
    Hi all I have 5 super pups of heloderma horridum horridum for hamm reptile show. They are from unrelated parrents, and are just turning 1 year old. if interested, please contact me on [email protected]
  3. DWA Species
    Last year at june 18th i had the pleasure of observing my Heloderma horridum horridum breeding. This was the first time i have observed at mating on them. I was really hoping to get some good eggs from them. 16th of august the female laid 14 eggs of which 3 were looking bad. In the end of...
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    Hi Back up for sale 2 beaded lizard babies born 20/12/2011 due to someone pulling out at last minute. pm for info tim
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    I'm selling 1,1 adult Gila (Heloderma s. supectum) The animals are from 2008 and bred by Mark Seward. The animals are in great feeding condition and will be ready to be hibernated and bred in the spring. I'm asking €2000,- for the pair. Animals can be delivered to Snakeday in Houten. Please...
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    1.0 Newzealand Day Gecko - Naultinus grayii 1.2 Northern Caiman Lizards - Dracaena guianensis - juveniles 0.0.2 Chinese Crocodile Lizards - Shinisaurus crocodilurus - juveniles 1.1 "Blue" form Alligator Tree Lizards - Abronia graminea - Sub/adults 0.0.2 Cuban Rock Iguanas - Cyclura nubila -...
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    Hey folks. Have 1.1 Heloderma Suspectum Suspectum for sale. They are from 2007 and bred in Denmark by Henrik Herold. Big and beautiful animals and, should be ready for breeding in the fall. Price:1850£ will trade with Morelia Viridis or Aspidites melanocephalus Contact: [email protected]
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    My partner and I have been considering a DWAL off and on for a while - with a particular interest in a couple of different species. Although we don't quite agree 100% in what we'd like to keep (I have off-and-on considered rattlers; he's more interested in adders - he's more likely in the long...
1-8 of 9 Results