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    Hi all I have 7 left of the 17 hatched Baby Rankins Dragons for sale, they are 9 weeks old and are all in very good health. They poo,eat and shed well and are very active. I have had massively good comments from the people who have brought so far and some have travelled nearly 4 hours to get...
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    For Hamm 0.0.1 Kimberley Rock Monitor Varanus glauerti 10/11 €350 0.0.3 Frilled Lizard Chlamydosaurus kingii (Australian form) 10/11 €95 each 3.4 Rankins Dragons Pogona henrylawsoni 05/11 €70 each, pair €130, Babies 10/11 €35 each (discount on quantity) 0.0.4 Red Ear Turtles Trachemys...
  3. Lizard Classifieds
    For sale: one male Rankin's dragon, 2 yrs of age. Very healthy and breeding. The mother of this male is very red and the male is showing areas of red. Looking for £90 (this image was taken a year ago, the male is larger than this now!) For more details, please contact me Thanks Luke
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    4 healthy one year old dragons available, however they are probably all male. I am asking for £40 for the intact ones and £30 for the one with the shorter tail and missing toe. Pics to come shortly: imageshack is playing up! Otherwise look at my website: For Sale Luke
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    I've had this thread on the habitat section for a bit, but I thought I'd put some pics up here in Lizards as well. The dragons are in! And using every inch of their new massive viv. They absolutely love climbing up...
1-5 of 5 Results