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    These are very similar to Herpteks, and are all the same size. 120x60x70 (47"x23"x27") as you can see these are extra high (27") so would suit arboreal snakes or lizards. They are moulded plastic just like Herpteks, so hold water. Also like Herpteks, they are made in France. The sliding glasses...
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    Hi, I'm currently downsizing my reps and I have 2 x black 150x70x50 vivariums for sale. One is completely unused and the other is only 6 months old; this viv has one hole located near the heat vent for temp probe. I'm looking for £350 each or the pair for £600. Payment should be cash and...
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    I am looking for HTB 120 (120x70x50) Herptek Vivariums (Beige) new or used!
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    Two stacks of the 2ft cubes available. Each has been altered with an aluminium or wooden plate and the silly recess for the light bulb and bulb heater has been removed so that the heater and bulb are inside the cage. These cages are now so thermally efficient that the 11w 5% uvb bulb is enough...
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    2011 male enchi royal £100 ono 2013 male hypo boa 50% possible het sharp £70 2013 female hypo boa 50% possible het sharp £70 2007 adult normal female # 1 £100 2007 adult normal female # 2 £100 2x Herpteks 180x90x50 cm. Ideal for burms, retics, monitors etc. £400 ono Everything is...
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    180x90x50cm I have two of these. Link to brand new: Herptek - professional reptile housing These are obviously used but still great vivs with reasonable wear and tear. A couple holes drilled for cables. Not the best of photos but you get the idea [/URL £450 ono. Due to the size these are...
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    Vision Rack V70 (11 tubs) with two heat cables and habistat thermostat £600 Herptek 120 x 70 x 50 £350 Herptek 120 x 70 x 35 £350 2 x Herptek 90 x 60 x 35 £250 each All in good condition hardly used. Buyer needs to collect. Based in Windsor / Ascot. Take all for £1700
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    Herptek vivarium for sale. Its the larger size in the classic style (HTB180) Ideal for BIG snakes such as burms, retics, boas etc 180cm x 90cm x 50cm (6ft x 3ft x 1.5ft) This viv is in great condition and has barely been used. At the minute it doesn't have any glass...I should have it...
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    Now selling for: 3fts - £335.85 new - WAS £249 each - NOW £199 4fts - £452.18 new - WAS £299 each - NOW £249 Get them while they're hot!
1-9 of 9 Results