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het albino bci
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    Hi guys, I am after a male colombian motley boa must be 100% het albino and breeding size. If you have one please let me know, i would like to see pics if possible and pm the price you was after. Thanks Ben
  2. Snake Classifieds
    Hey guys looking for verifiable Het Albinos BCI or BCC. any strain as long as their the same ;) NOT possible (50 OR 65 percent Or whatever!) Theres only Albinos, hets and possible hets anyways ;) been messed around before with these (would want proof of ancestry or photos or parents) Either...
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    hi all as u may have seen i am selling a few boas and a hognose BUT the 66% het albino bci came with no info on what strain she is het for i have tried tracin her back to the breeder with limited success, what do i do??? and what di i sell her as i assume it will be a unknown het??? and even if...
1-3 of 3 Results