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het axanthic
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    Royal Python Morphs For Sale VPI HET Axanthic royals cb10 ( they were popped last year to sex them - male weight 1430g and female weight 1747g) serious offers welcome (no paperwork) Albino Royal late cb14 female weight approx 150g serious offers welcome. FIRE weight empty 996g £100.00 male HET...
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    For my Second thread I have Het Snows for Sale... I have 3 Het Snow Females, Today I'm proud to have for sale Two. The third Female isn't as good a feeder as I wish (a little fussy) and as so, isn't for sale just yet.... I would like her to have a few more good feeds without misses. These...
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    Hi All, I have a few remaining CB13 Axanthic and 100% het Axanthic (all are also 66% poss het Albino) Hognoses for sale. 100% het Axanthics: Males are £150 each Females are £200 each Pairs are £300 (1 male and 1 female) Axanthics: Females are £600 each Buyer can collect from Dartford, Kent...
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    2009 100% het axanthic royals, bought from Crystal Palace reptiles as hatchlings Female 1700g Male 930g Both very good feeders, never been bred, they were bought for my son who had intended to breed them this year however with him being at Uni and working he simply doesn't have the time to...
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    i have for sale 2 pairs of vpi het axanthic royal pythons for sale both pairs will come with paper work and are 150 pound per pair
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    I have a trio of 100% het TSK axanthic, 66% het albino and 33% het caramel for sale or swap for other royals. the first two photographs are of the parents (female TSK axanthic 100% het albino, male black back 100% het albino 50% het caramel) and the last 2 are of one of the trio with all 3 young...
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    Guys I am looking for a male spider 100% het axanthic. Would need paper work! Preferably VPI axanthic. Any offers out there?
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    Hi guys i have for sale a female 100% het albino 50% het tsk axanthic with paperwork 700gms and a male 100% het albino 100% het tsk axanthic 150gms must go as pair will listen to sensible offers and trades for female breeders
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    Like the title she is a great feeder and does everything that she should. She can be hissy but has never struck yet. This girl is so stunning with a weird hook patter on her. i would do trades on normal breeder girls just drop me a pm
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    hi guys this girl is a very good eater and is at 700 gms ish now and is cd11 she poos etc as should bit hissy but never struck she comes with paperwork i am mainly looking to swap for large female normals that havent bred this year will listen to sensible cash offers but mainly after swaps def...
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    CB10 800g Pinstripe female Royal, live feeder on rats or multi's, £700 ono CB10 66% Het Axanthic (VPI) female, bred by Ralph Davis, £125 CB11 100% Het Pied male, comes with paperwork from reputable breeder, £100 Will do a deal if all 3 are bought together, PM for details.
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    As title says - I'm looking for axanthic/het/combos - females only. Ready to breed next year would be a bonus. I'm well aware they are going to be pricey but the cash is waiting for the right snake(s).
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    We have available a female Pastel 100% het Axanthic bred by Dave Davies of Welsh Reptile Breeders here in the UK £450. Payment Plans available. PM messages please.
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    We have available a female Het Axanthic (Snakekeeper line) captive bred by ourselves here in the UK in August 2010, the father and older siblings of these het Axanthics have supurb colouration, keeping their black and silver colour into adulthood. Current weight 234g empty £200 PM messages please
1-14 of 14 Results