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het sunset boa
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    Natural light is my reccuring theme in photographs the last few shoots. Why? My camera is fooked, I dropped a massive ceramic water bowl on it and broke the fash and damaged the sensor. Its all over the place! I've never appreciated the improtance of decent lighting before now. Flashless indoor...
  2. Snakes
    We had our first Boa litter of the year born today :) Pairing - Hogg Island Boa Male x Salmon Boa Female. Was mums first time & she had 24 live healthy babies, with no slugs or still borns, which i was very pleased with!! The odds were about right with having around half Het Sunsets (Hypo...
  3. Snake Pictures
    From het sunet x het sunset parents (50% Hogg) Glow Worm is just gorgeous! I think hes an excellent example of a het sunset/sunset, with lots of visual hogg influence ie speckles and characteristic colouration. LOVE his big orange eyes. Dark phase in these shots.
1-3 of 3 Results