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    I have ready for their new homes a beautiful clutch of high white pieds and het pieds. 2 high white females, 2 high white males. 1 het male, 1 het female. All eating defrost rats and growing nicely. Pics are available by email. Female pied £250 Male pied £200 each Het pied £25...
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    Male Hognose 100% HET Albino (not proven) Hatched 1/10/13. *Does not enjoy being handled so he will need an experienced new owner to demonstrate knowledge of care and handling* Snake only - £40ono Full setup may also be available if anyone is interested. Collection from Fareham, Hampshire...
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    Great feeder, takes large rats every 10days or so. Very friendly and enjoys being handled. 1286g at last weighing(fortnight ago) Will consider any offers or swap for quick sale. I can provide pictures and breeder paper work via email to those who are interested.
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    First of all, I hope I'm okay posting this without an actual price. Due to unforeseen circumstances I need to sell the entirety of my Royal Python collection. I stopped purchasing new snakes a few years ago but kept my collection as pets, therefore I am unsure what they're worth in the current...
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    Unfortunately having to rehome my girl she's 100% het kahl albino, CBB February 2013 by Kelfezond I've owned her since a month after she was born, so I can guarantee she's never been power fed or kept in a rub - must be going into a good sized home. Feeds on medium rabbits, one rabbit once...
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    Proven Male Banana Pinstripe, excellent to handle, doing all he should £160. Het Albino Poss Het Pied Male, can be viv defensive but fine once out. Doing all he should, £30. Collection from Warwick CV34 or courier at buyers expense.
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    CB17 Female Enchi Het Clown produced by myself. Strike feeds on defrost rat/mice. Complete with genetics certificate.
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    2.1 100% Het Albino Royal Pythons. Males: £20 each, female £30 or all 3 for £50 I'm in Plymouth if you're thinking of collecting.
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    3.1 100% Het Albino Royal Pythons. *** £20 each or all 4 for £60 *** 0.2 100% Het Pied Royal Pythons. *** £40 each or both for £60 ***
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    For sale I have 2 royal pythons both het pied. Up for sale for no fault of their own they just don't fit in to my breeding plans. One male, one female. Both shed and defecate as they should, the female smashes food if she's in the mood where as the male can be a fussy feeder. Both have a really...
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    For Sale 2.0 Spider 100% Het Clown £125 each Bred by myself from Clown x Bumblebee. Only selling as have kept their female bumblebee het clown sibling. One is ready to go now the other will need a few more feeds before i let him go. Both in very good condition. Can be collected or delivery...
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    1.1 Pinstripe 100% Het Clown. Both strike feeding on D/F and ready to go. Collection from Worcester, Courier or i can meet at Donny in Nov.
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    Hi there, I have for sale my 4 year old anerythristic male boa who has been proven this season to be 100% het sharp albino. I have had a PCR test taken and he has had a negative result for various Arena virus strains. He is in perfect shape, pooing and shedding fine and is a perfect eater. As...
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    I am looking for a proven female 100% het pied, I am willing to travel for the right snake many thanks
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    hypo jungle boa male het sharp born may 2015 great boa can be snappy in tub portsmouth based, southsea £60
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    Snakes 0.0.1 Adult Black Rat Snake - £55 1.0.0 White Sided Black Rat Snake - £70 1.0.0 Southern Pine Snake - £70 0.0.1 Albino African House Snake - £45 0.0.1 Albino Checkered Garter - £40 Sand Boas 0.1.0 Dodoma Flame Kenyan Sand Boa - £155 1.0.0 Snow Sand Boas - £95 0.0.2 Kenyan Sand Boas - £70...
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    eating small defrost weaners late cb 15
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    Offering for sale/swap the following 2015 offspring. Swap wise would be interested in the following Hognose:- Axanthics/Snows/Pink Pastels. Or interesting Royal morphs. WHY? Breeding was :- Male Purple line Anaconda DH Ex red Albino and Evans Hypo X Female Red phase DH Ex Red Albino and Evans...
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    See picture for details
1-19 of 465 Results