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high casqued chameleon
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    Hi, I have for sale 2x High Casqued Chameleons one is just under a year old. - Female The other is now 15 weeks old - believed to be female These are both unrelated. recently had a new batch born so unfortunately needing the space as more on the way. £100 each may do a deal if both bought...
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    I have 8 captive bred Trioceros Hoehnelii for sale. These were born on 19th April and are currently 7 weeks old. Just going through their first shed and eat/poop like little machines. It's quite early to be able to sex them however I am fairly certain that there are at least 3 males. Ready...
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    looking for a female , meet in doncaster in september , pm me with details if you have one for sale , thanks
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    Reduced for quick sale. This little guy needs a new home asap. 1 year old high casqued Chameleon for sale. Eating and pooping well. £80 Come and have a look at him' first to see will buy!
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    I have a 1 year old male High Casqued Chameleon for sale or swap. He is roughly 8 inches in length and fully grown. Will swap for female Ambilobe panther:2thumb: or £100 for sale. May be able to deliver to north west (wirral/merseyside) 13th-17th July.
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    I have a Male High Casqued Chameleon for sale plus full set-up including Plant,vines,UVB+Reflector/Starter unit, Single low voltage basking spot light and 46x46x62cm WalkaboutReptiles Mesh front/top vivarium. £160 There is a choice of 2 male chameleons to choose from. one is CB May 2011 and the...
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    I have for sale one of my male high casqued chameleons who is nearly 8 months old. He is a beast of a chameleon for his age, his brother is the same size. Eating and shedding well. Comes with a Mesh front and top Vivarium from WalkaboutReptiles 46x46x62cm, the same size as the medium exo...
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    My High Casqued Chameleon For Sale, around 10-12 months old now. Eats very well (varied livefood diet, loves locusts), sheds regularly, poops well. Friendly, takes food from hand/tongs, easy to handle
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    Hi For Sale, Ziggy my High Casqued Chameleon. Very healthy, eats well on crickets locusts etc, shreds regularly,poops well, great to watch, shy but friendly, can handle no problem, she is around 10 months old. Also available is her 48" high, x 24" deep by 36" wide vivarium (around 8 months...
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    JACKSONS Chamaeleo jacksonii These are young adults and are montane animals therefore they need to be kept at lower temperatures than most chameleons. Mid 20’s C is good for day time, with a drop of 10-15 C at night. Females are likely to be pregnant. Around 15cm High Casqued Chamaeleo...
1-10 of 10 Results