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high end bearded dragon
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    Hypo het translucents £ 25 each Hypo dunner het translucents £ 50 each
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    Stunning Bearded Dragons for Sale – Ready to breed and sub-adults Due to time constraints we are going to concentrate more on the royals and retics so are cutting down the bearded dragon collection. There are therefore some stunning ready-to-breed animals up for grabs. All were originally...
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    Wanted high-end morph female bearded dragon. Not too expensive. i would like either a hatchling/around a year old a nice red colour/ blood red would be best but please feel free to contact me if you have a nice looking female!:2thumb:
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    Outstanding female Red Citrus from wheredragonsdwell, clutch sister to Carmen in their breeder section. Born May 2009, comes with WDD certificate of breeding. Lovely deep red colour, with what appears like "liquid gold" thin lines over her spine. Has not been bred from this year, produced 3x 25+...
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    Hi, I have Rex the BTS, he/she is placid with a nice temperament & 6 months old. He has all his toes etc... and is a good feeder, pooper & shedder. I'm hoping for £100 cash or a high end pretty bearded dragon. The photos below don't quite pick up his shiny black and copper tones. Will also...
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    Meet Pixie. I picked her up from Syb at Where Dragons Dwell at the Kempton Show :) Shes a Super Orange and is daughter to their Kerry x Rashad pairing. She's currently in with Syler, an Orange Microscaled Tiger Translucent Leatherback, het hypo also from Where Dragons Dwell. So we have...
1-6 of 6 Results