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hissing roaches
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    Amazing offer. 20 Hissing roach nymphs mixed sizes £20 posted!!!!!
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    COCKROACHES FOR SALE ------------------------------------- Aeluropoda insignis - 10mix - £10.99 Archimandrita tesselata -10mixed nymphs -£14.99,10 adults(5males + 5 females) - £19.99 Blaberus boliviensis -10mix -£9.99 Blaberus colosseus " Giant Form " ( Peru ) -10mix -£19.99 Blaberus...
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    Im trying to set up a nice breeding colony of giant hissing roaches so if u have some for sale let me know.
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    These are the true giants of the cockroach world growing up to an impressive 9cm. As well as making an excellent food source for larger lizards such as beardies and water dragons, these guys make great pets in their own right. They are easy to look after, they feed on fruit and veg, plus...
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    I have decided to sell what is left of my hissing roach colony. The colony consists of 13 Adults (9 males, 4 Females) and over 20 nymphs. Although not a large colony, given the right conditions these guys breed very well, and will give you a great food source, adults for larger lizards, and...
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    For Sale Giant Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches Sexed Adult Pair £2.00 10 Un-sexed Juvies £4.50 Postage and Packing £2.50 per order Roaches will be sent via royal mail recorded delivery, and will require a signature Please pm if interested
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    I have a small colony of the above and they are producing load of babies. All i have is tiny babies atm but if you're interested in buying some let me know. Here's a pic of an adult and subadult. Cheers
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    got some hissing roaches for sale, i think they are mainly G. oblogonata. However there are some P. vanwaerebecki mixed in i think £2.50 for a mixed tub plus £3.50 1st class postage will contain around 15+ mixed size roaches payment via paypal please sorry , price in the above bit is wrong...
1-8 of 8 Results