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    I’m still seeking a good quality cb or wc male hoehnelii Pygmy chameleon, set up is ready and waiting, I’m very familiar with Montanes. I’m a biologist in the south east but happy to pay for a courier or travel to collect.
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    Hi, I have some juvenile hoehnelii chameleons for sale bred by myself this year. They are feeding and shedding well, nice healthy chunky individuals. If you have any questions at all or would like to see more pictures please feel free to pm me :2thumb: please contact me for delivery info.
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    Hi, I have a male Trioceros hoehnelii (high casqued chameleon) for a part exchange him for 1.1 CB pair of another Trioceros species. Or failing that I am looking for a CB female T.hoehnelii to pair him up with. I also have a CB15 hatching Rhacodactylus leachianus henkeli for sale for £200. PM...
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    Last 2 remaining male High Casqued Chameleons Born 31st May Collection from Gloucester or courier at buyers expense May also be able to bring to the north west region for collection as frequently in the region (Liverpool, Chester, Wirral)
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    Last 2 remaining male High Casqued Chameleons Born 31st May Collection from Gloucester or courier at buyers expense
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    I have for sale 1.2 high Casqued chameleons These were born 31st May and the last of the batch. Great little characters Male is already head bobbing towards the females. £80 collection from Gloucester Sometimes travel the M5/M6 route
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    5 not so little High Casqued chameleons born on 31st May this year so only 10 weeks old, ready to go to new homes in 2 weeks. Eating like litle pigs and growing like weeds. 4 definitely female -1 still undecided getting very big already for the age of them already housed in 45x45x90cm cage...
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    1x male and 1x female high Casqued chameleons for sale. (Trioceros hoehnelii) 16 weeks old, born 27th January. Eating and pooling like little machines Recently shed and starting to grow fast. Pics below. Collection from Gloucester Courier at buyers expense. Male Female
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    3x female high Casqued chameleons for sale. 16 weeks old. Eating, pooing and shedding fine Unrelated to the male I have for sale on other listing Collection from Gloucester or courier at buyers expense. £80 each
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    male high Casqued chameleon for sale. Approx 18months old. Real stunner. £90 Eats,drinks and loves the ladies. local courier service available at buyers expense or collection from Gloucester
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    Hi, I have for sale 2x High Casqued Chameleons one is just under a year old. - Female The other is now 15 weeks old - believed to be female These are both unrelated. recently had a new batch born so unfortunately needing the space as more on the way. £100 each may do a deal if both bought...
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    I have 8 captive bred Trioceros Hoehnelii for sale. These were born on 19th April and are currently 7 weeks old. Just going through their first shed and eat/poop like little machines. It's quite early to be able to sex them however I am fairly certain that there are at least 3 males. Ready...
  13. Lizards
    I think Xerx is a female but am not familiar enough with these to know for sure, Anyones opinion who is familiar with these would be appreciated Regards
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    Lots to sell on... about to move house... - Chamaeleo triceros hoehnelii (helmeted chameleons) - 1.1 sub adult pair - £240 - Chamaeleo triceros jacksonii xantholophus (jacksons chameleon) - large 1.1 adult pair - have just mated - £340 - Calumma parsonii (parsons chameleon) - orange eyed -...
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    Reduced for quick sale. This little guy needs a new home asap. 1 year old high casqued Chameleon for sale. Eating and pooping well. £80 Come and have a look at him' first to see will buy!
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    I have a 1 year old male High Casqued Chameleon for sale or swap. He is roughly 8 inches in length and fully grown. Will swap for female Ambilobe panther:2thumb: or £100 for sale. May be able to deliver to north west (wirral/merseyside) 13th-17th July.
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    1 year old male High Casqued Chameleon for sale. Fully grown measures roughly 8-9 inches. £100 - cash on collection. May courier at buyers expense.
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    Due to down sizing my collection and various vivs I have for sale a 1 year old female Hoehnelii and vivarium. no lighting supplied with the viv. the viv is a 46x46x61cm walkabout reptile vivarium and has mesh front and top to allow good ventilation. £110 for cham,viv and plant some pics
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    I have a Male High Casqued Chameleon for sale plus full set-up including Plant,vines,UVB+Reflector/Starter unit, Single low voltage basking spot light and 46x46x62cm WalkaboutReptiles Mesh front/top vivarium. £160 There is a choice of 2 male chameleons to choose from. one is CB May 2011 and the...
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    Hi all, I have one of my Male High Casqued Chameleons for sale. he is just about to turn 8 months old. A real stocky healthy boy who is already bobbing at the females. :2thumb: £80 Can also supply a mesh fronted/top viv from Walkabout Reptiles too if needed £40. pics are below.
1-20 of 24 Results