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hog island boa
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    Taking orders for Sunset boas & hypo boas. Both parents were hypo hogs, stunning litter born on 6th May.
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    when purchased was told this snake was a pure hog island boa, feeding response is excellent, poos fine and great health in general. He is about 2 foot in length. Open to offers or a trade (but no royals please) can send pictures
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    Hi, I'm after a Hog Island Boa, ideally a hatchling. I've kept a carpet python and a corn snake before, and would like to progress to something else...
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    1.1 hypo hog island double het sunset proven 5 yr old, slightly underweight after breeding I have pics i can send via whatsapp or facebook if interested please message me on 07523253968 I also have a selection of vivs for sale Thanks
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    does anyone have any experience with Hog Island Boas? if so, could you tell me what their temperament is like? is there any problems that commonly occur? eg not latching on when feeding or any problems with shedding etc? im picking one up in a couple of days and have done my research on them and...
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    Is this a Hog Island Boa? I bought her at 11 months 2 years ago, so now almost 3. She is 6ft long. She is a little skinny with some loose skin so now feeding her 2 medium rats every 2 weeks. I was feeding her 1 medium rat every 2 weeks. Her mother (below) was just over 7ft and her father...
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    Beautiful example of a proven male Hog Island Boa (Cayos Cochinos). EMAIL FOR BIGGER PICS BEST i CAN UPLOAD HERE! Lovely tempered and docile male sale due to change in direction re breeding plans, space etc. I can vouch for purity of this male as I produced him myself. And can supply paperwork...
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    For sale is my CB15 female Hog Island boa. She sheds, eats and poos as she should. Handles well and enjoys coming out. Only selling due to downsizing our collection. For more pictures or any questions please get in touch. Thank you
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    <a href="<iframe width=" 480"="" height="360" src="">"><a href="<iframe width=" 480"="" height="360" src=""> Baby 100% pure Hog Island boas. Produced by myself this June. All...
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    I have the following for sale as I am reducing my snakey numbers. All are healthy and eat defrosted rodents unless otherwise stated. Collection from Lichfield (WS13) or Nantwich (CW5), can deliver within reason. Happy to send via reputable courier of buyer's arranging. 1.0 CB07 Nicaraguan T+...
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    As title says really want a Hog island boa (Male) and baby please no adults or yearlings. Willing to pay all pending on papers and morph etc...... Please inbox me, ready to buy now or put deposit down for when ready. Thanks
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    Does everything that he should be doing. Calm and docile. Eats weaned rats biweekly. Collection from Lichfield or Nantwich. I can deliver within reason around those two areas. PM any questions. I can take more pictures if requested.
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    I have a proven pair, and 6 unsexed 2014 hatchlings for sale, all are eating, shedding and defecating as they should. £200 the pair, and £50 each for juvi's Based in Ipswich, Suffolk for collection, I work in North London and i am happy to meet on or near A12 or deliver on route. Any...
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    Hi guys i have for sale my female sunset / super hypo hog island boa. Born on the 5-7-14. Strike feeding. Shed a couple of times now also. £200 Please msg me if your interested.
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    Hello guys. I have several 100% Pure Hog Island boas born this summer and ready to go now. Heres your chance to own of these stunning and underrated boas. Shedding and feeding well on rat pups and doing all they should. As you can see lovely clean examples from stunning parent stock. Males and...
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    Seriously thinking of cutting back my collection due to lack of time for so many animals. All are very tame, shed/poo/eat very well I have a cb13 female true hog island boa. Absolute best example I've seen - £200 Cb12 hypo salmon female boa, such a unreal snake to own. Hammers large rats and...
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    Hi, I have 12 Hog Island boas for sale. They were dropped on 9th Aug 2014. All need establishing yet but once feeding/shedding and deficating they will be good to go. Females £90 Males £110 Deals can be made on multiples £20 non refundable deposit to secure animal Photos will be added once...
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    These babies came out really well, the CA influence has added lots of colours along with the poss het blood
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    male approx 4ft £130
1-19 of 112 Results