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hog island
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    Here's my little hog island I got back in mid December.
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    I've just read an old post on an American site and wondering if anyone can clarify or dismiss this either way. Is there any truth that pure hog islands don't have the characteristic moustache that most boas do? And if they have a moustache then they are not pure hog island? It's the first time...
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    PICS ON REQUEST TO LARGE RESOLUTION FOR THIS SITE Motleys. Hypo Hogs dh Sunset Poss Het Blood and Anery type 2 (Poss TH Bloody Sunsets, Hog Ghosts) and Hog Island CA Crosses with same Hets. Hog Island Ghosts haven't been done so chance of a big first for someone lucky! Motley Crosses...
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    Hi, I'm looking for a pure hog island boa, any age, any sex. Would prefrably like a setup with it if possible, but if not then would sort one out myself. Offering good money, please get in contact. I'm willing to travel quite far if I'm happy with it. Thanks
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    2x female and 1x male left. All eating and shedding fine. Pairing was a pure hog x dh sunglow.
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    Beautiful example of a proven male Hog Island Boa (Cayos Cochinos). Lovely tempered and docile male sale due to change in direction re breeding plans, space etc. I can vouch for purity of this male as I produced him myself. And can supply paperwork if required. Feeding on large rats and just...
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    Last 2 hog cross boas left. From our hog Island x pure CA hypo het plasma breeding Both babies are 50% het blood & T2 anery They are both colouring up nicely as they are growing and have an amazing light and dark phase. Dam is a very nice tiny hog Island at 4 & 1/2ft. Sire is a pure CA hypo...
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    From a pure hog island x hypo het khal albino. Have 5x hog crosses all healthy and eating well. Hypo hogs will be advertised when I know what ones are being held back.
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    Last 2 hog Island x pure CA hypo boas left There both 50% het blood & T2 anery Colouring up nicely Dam is a very nice tiny hog Island at 4 & 1/2ft. Sire is a pure CA hypo het plasma ( blood & T" anery ) at 4ft. babies are 50% hog Island, 50% CA so should stay very small Collection from Me2 or...
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    Unrelated adult pair of proven Hog Island Boas. CB06 and 7. Parents of my recent Hog Island boa litter. Lovely temperaments and do all they should. feeding on large and XL rats. No longer fit in with breeding plans. Female will need feeding up as had babies few months back. 150 each or 200 the...
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    Seriously thinking of cutting back my collection due to lack of time for so many animals. All are very tame, shed/poo/eat very well I have a cb13 female true hog island boa. Absolute best example I've seen - £200 Cb12 hypo salmon female boa, such a unreal snake to own. Hammers large rats and...
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    These little babies have some amazing colours already. Dam is a very nice tiny hog Island at 4 & 1/2ft. Sire is a pure CA hypo het plasma ( blood & T" anery ) at 4ft. All babies are 50% het plasma, 50% hog Island, 50% CA so should stay very small £60 each Collection from rh1,me2 or cr2. if you...
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    After much consideration I have decided to put my pair of adult proven Hog Island Boas up for sale. I have had them from babies and they are now 5 years old. They are unrelated from two lines of pure Hog Islands and are being rested from breeding this year so will be ready to go Autumn 2014...
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    I have an adult female Kahl albino for sale for £300 and a proven adult female Hog Island boa for sale also £300. Both in perfect condition, message me for details.:2thumb:
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    Beautiful pair of Hog Island boas. Cracking feeders, shedding etc as they should. Available for collecton near Portsmouth in Hampshire. £250 for the pair. Will sell separately.
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    These are the 2013 baby Hogg Island locality boas that will be ready to come to Doncaster with me on the 22nd unless reserved in advance. Everyone is feeding, shedding etc. There *may* be a few more as long as they have all their feeds up to the show, but I hate to make assumptions! They're...
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    Female Anery 66% het albino 09 7ft ish comes with papers £400 Female hypo hog island(het sunset) 09 5.5ft ish £250 Male hypo het albino 09 5ft ish £150 Male hypo hog island(het sunset) 09 5ft ish £200 Male normal het albino 08 5.5ft ish no paper work £75 All healthy and feeding will do deal of...
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    Finally picked up my hog island pair today totally stunning :notworthy: First up the male And the female A proven pair so hopefully produce some little stunners next year :)
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    This years baby Hogg Island Boa's (100% pure). These are from unrelated parents and are feeding well and look stunning! £100 each £180 a pair £240 for a trio (one male, two females).
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    Just discovered these beauties yesterday. I love finding clutches of eggs from the other snakes in my collection but nothing beating finding a live litter!!
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