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hog nose
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    Male hognose for sale £30 ono
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    Breeding pair of ALBINO HOGNOSES Unrelated pair of ALBINO HOGNOSES just coming out of brummation now. They wanted to have a good sleep and stopped eating a couple of months ago so I let them brummate. Last year, their first year together, they gave me a clutch...
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    Hi, We've had a look through all the previous threads on this topic, and we can't find anything that matches our circumstances, so if someone can give us advice we'd be very grateful. The snake: Albino Western Hog Nose, gender unknown (assuming male for naming purposes), age unknown but...
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    I have a table at Kempton this Sunday and have the following available. Royals : Two proven adult females between 2&3 kilos £120 each 2014 calicos male and female £90-£250 depending on quality and sex 2014 pastels male £35 female £90 2014 calico pin male £250 (one of twins) Hognose: adult...
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    2 male hog nose 100% het albino with 3ft wooden viv including heat mat, thermostat, heat tube, light and starter unit and timer. both snakes eat shed and poo fine, both on fluffs, around 2 years old no time wasters please for more info please ring me on 07971854917
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    Hi guys, i'm thinking of increasing my collection of snakes. I currently own 4 corns (2 type A hypo's, a lavender hypo and an okeetee) I also have a leopard gecko and 3 baby musk turtles. But i'm thinking of getting a different species of snake, possibly a royal/rat/hog nose/milk/boa? Just...
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    We have for sale our cb10 male axanthic hog nose 50% poss het albino Feeding on small mice Ready to breed Only for sale as we sold our hog nose collection £995 Open to trades against other reptiles/exotics
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    Hi. Up for sale or swap is my 1.1 pair or hoggies Male cb09 visual albino. Tame. Eats L/XL mice every 7/10 days. Sheds and poos as he should. Proven. With this female and another Female cb09. Het albino. No papers to prove this. As I lost them whilst moving. She weighs about 350g but has...
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    i have a pair of 09 albino hogs that i paid well over the odds for when they where tiny just because i was impatient and feeling flush at the time. they are a pain in the arse and go for ages with out eating sometimes its so frustrating because all my other snakes eat every time. i planned to...
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    hi guys as im moving i can no longer keep my hoggy he is 8 months old happy to be out all day and he is hand fed. he eats, poops, and sheds fine. hes never bit or hist at me he will make some one very happy to have you can txt or ring me on 07742177151 i can send picks bye email or txt...
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    Last 2011 Western Hognose's for sale. They are all pictured (6 in total) so you can see their markings clearly. They are normals but very pretty. £35 each.
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    for a couple of weeks my hog nose has had a cloudy left eye but thought nothing of it because i thought that he was just getting old as he is about 10years old. now its swollen about a cm up. please help me because i don't know if i need to take him to the vets or leave him or otherwise.
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    hiya just purely out of interest, all the king and milk snakes out there do you buy a pair of one morph of that species or an individual and breed it with another like you could with corns? is there such thing as a het with king or milk snakes? also can hog nose snakes be housed together? same...
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    Hi I've decided to sell my CB11 Western hog nose that I bought back in June at Doncaster show. I'm selling this because I have decided to focus on Royal's. The Hog nose is a female, around 7-8 inch long, Has never missed a feed, sheds & poops fine and she is a pleasure to handle and very calm...
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    Hi Has many of you know I own 2 baby hog noses and one has not ate since I got them. The one I'm selling is a male and I bought him at Doncaster show on the 26th of June. I want no offers as I will not go any cheaper. I'm getting a snake delivered by AC reptile chauffers between the 8-10th of...
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    As most of you know I have got a baby hog nose which I bought at Doncaster show on the 26th of last month. Basically it has not eaten since then. I have tried the following methods. I down sized the rub to 3ltr I split them up as i ''HAD'' 2 hog noses I've scented its pinkys with tuna I've tried...
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    Yesterday I came to look at one of my hog noses and seen it was not in its rub. There is no way that it could have escaped from that. The night before that though, I was cleaning them out and I believe I left the lid open unattended while I went to get some water, so this is how I think it...
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    Just Curious would it be possible to create a hybrid by breeding a king over a hog nose??? I know its possible to do it with kings, corns and rat snakes.
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    Hi as most of you know I have 2 Western hog noses. One eats great and one hasn't ate since I got him. The one that eats always has its pinky scented. Today I thought I'd try to give it one un-scented due to the fact I'm sick of buying tuna every 4 days for it to go to waste. The snake had very...
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    Hi I'm looking for a new type of snake to add to my small collection. At the minute I have 2 hog noses and one royal python. Wanting something that can be handled and the viv I've got is 2.5ft x 1.5ft and 2.5ft high.
1-20 of 33 Results