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    Normal female 2014 £30 Anaconda Female 2014 £60 Albino female 2013 £140 £190 the three, all doing as they should . message or call 07528 084097
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    All are eating and shedding perfectly, pictures can be sent by email on request. Only selling as i need to thin down my collection a bit. Males: 2011 male pastel dwarf around 5ft. My first boa and only selling him as i need to make some room. lovely temperament and coloring, perfect first boa...
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    looking for hognose morphs,cb15 or older,preferably close to south wales. pm me with what you have! cheers
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    hypo hogs born may 2016 eating shedding as they should portsmouth based prices in the pic title [email protected]
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    CB15 Hognose Snakes For Sale: - 2 Male albino anacondas £220 each. - Male anaconda het albino £100. - Female albino £60. - 3 Het Albinos £30 (2 Female, 1 Male). Pics to follow.
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    Male hognose for sale, not 100% sure on age around a year old.
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    Proven Adult conda het albino female. Not the biggest girl, but produced some stunning hatchlings last season. Brumated and will soon be ready to introduce to a male. £500 Proven Adult snow male. Again not the biggest, but loved the ladies. Sired two clutches last year and ready to breed again...
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    Western Hognose Morphs available. M= price for a male. F= price for a female. 2015 Hatchlings: • Normal 66% poss het Toffeeglow £35M/£50F. • Normal 100% het Albino (50% poss het Toffeebelly) £40M (2 left). • Normal 100% het Caramel poss het Hypo £60M/£110F. • Normal 100% het Ultramel (poss...
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    Due to a recent personal bereavement and a change in plans I have decided to make the hard decision to part with my proven male twin spot axanthic male. Last weighed in at 72g and is on F/T small mice. Looking for around £400. Pictures available on request. Collection from either...
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    Some of this years hatchlings are now ready to be put up for sale. They are all feeding on frozen thawed, unscented pinkies every 5 days. I currently have the following available: 2.0 - Albino Anacondas (£450 each) - hatched 29/6/2015 0.1 - Albino (£100) - hatched 27/6/2015 1.0 - Anaconda Het...
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    Looking for adult female hogs; Extreme Red/ Extreme Red Albino Purple Line (must be intense) Toffee/ Conda het. toffee/RBE Toffee Axanthic/ Conda het axanthic May be interested in subadults. Cash waiting for the right woman : victory: Please let me know what you have and don't offer cb15...
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    The following 2015 Hognose Morphs are surplus to my collection and are either available now or will start to become available very soon (after a minimum of 5 consecutive feeds): M= price for a male. F= price for a female. • Normal 66% poss het Toffeeglow £40M/£50F. • Normal 100% het Albino...
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    0.1 anaconda proven adult £300 0.1 Orange albino adult £250 1.0 red albino proven £150 £600 the trio 2015 anacondas het albino males £100, females £125, pairs £200. 2015 het albinos £65pair all 2015 hatchings feeding well on defrosted pinkies, sired is male red albino.
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    Corns leftover 2014 hatchlings from a Granite het hypo x het tessera/hypo/diffused pairing. All eating and shedding well, around 40-55g. Hypo Diffused, het anery, ph hypo (female) £20 Diffused (1), het anery, ph hypo (female) £15 Diffused (2), het anery, ph hypo (female) £15 Normal, het anery &...
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    I am currently increasing my hognose collection and am looking for the current morphs..... Male Toffybelly Evens Hypo Anaconda Female Lavender Anaconda Anaconda 100% het Albino Toffybelly Axanthic Pink Pastel Albino All ages and sizes considers. Will also consider other morphs. Message...
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    Hypo Hog Island Boa £110 Blackpool Have a viv for sale with him if you want that too let me know £3x2x2 with 600w habistat dimmer 2 ceramic fittings. Comes with bulb. Bulb gage etc. £60 DOB: 16/09/2011* **** PROVEN**** Last price reduction this is giving this snake away.
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    Hypo Hog Island Boa £180 Blackpool Have a viv for sale with him if you want that too let me know £3x2x2 with 600w habistat dimmer ceramic fitting and bulb etc £100 DOB: 16/09/2011 **** PROVEN****
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    Male Hypo Hog Island Boa Dam and Sire : Hog Island boa / Hypo Salmon BCI DOB: 16/09/2011 **** PROVEN**** £380 Tame and lovely about 5 ft long and stunning
  19. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Hi I am looking for a Young (Under 6mths) Female Egyptian Long Eared Hedgehog. I am an experienced keeper of Egyptian Long Eared and African Pygmy Hedgehogs and can offer a loving and dedicated home to a gorgeous little lady. I am willing to travel and to pay a fair price. Please do contact me...
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    £100 Hypo hog island boa. FY5 area near Blackpool. Stunning snake shes 7 months old and last to go. She is my hold back i was going to keep this one for me however things have changed so shes up for sale. We also have a a small viv for sale that would do her for a short time. £25. It comes...
1-20 of 162 Results