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hogg island boa cross
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    I have available the following Boas which were bred by myself, they will all come with birth records (D.O.B - 09.06.13, feeding & shedding etc). All are shedding & feeding well. Here is a picture of the father (Pure Hogg Island): Here is an old picture of the mother (Hypo Hogg poss het...
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    We have late 2011 common female £50 Ive had her since Feb 2012 and never missed a feed, Has tagged me but was my fault I had been handling the chickens so she got me Jan 2012 female hogg island cross I have had her since March 2012 £50 pair of 2012 hypo sinders very stroppy when the mood...
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    I have a small chunk of my collection for sale. Boas are Female 2012 hypo 100% het khal feeds great on weeners, poops and sheds without any problems, shes a bit of a madam to handle at times but only normally when shes in shed, shes been grown on nice and slow and is around 20-24 inches £120...
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    We need to make space so a few of our boys and girls are becoming available We have been through our collection and made up the future breeding groups so we have available Corns Female 2012 snow 100% het stripe x2 £25 each Male 2011 anery no known hets £25 (he will breed now) female 2012...
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    My gorgeous new Hogg Island cross Auga seems to love my hair. Or maybe I just got a warm head :blush: been in there an hour! Yes thats a peg in my hair, its hot!
1-5 of 5 Results