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hogg island boa
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    hi there, Just wanted to ask if anyone knows anyone or somewhere with a breeding size or near breeding size male hogg island boa constrictor for sale, i cant find them anywhere right now. Thanks, Sam sheppard.
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    Been wanting a boa for years so took the plunge, not once, but twice :D Both boas were purchased about a month are 2 apart from two different shops in Sheffield. My male super hypo from the snake shop, attercliff sheffield. Puppy dog tame and a awesome eater :flrt: Below my female super...
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    My friend has a gorgeous male hogg island boa. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I could find a female? I mostly want a Hogg because he's so gorgeous and chilled. They seem to be fairly hard to track down though. Would rather have a young one. Thanks!
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    Hi, my son's hogg island boa is approx 3 and a half foot long and hasn't been handled much at all. I'm gutted to see her go but it's for the best that she goes to a responsible owner who will enjoy having her. I'm in absolutely no rush for her to go and I want to make sure she goes to the right...
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    <a href="<iframe width=" 480"="" height="360" src="">"><a href="<iframe width=" 480"="" height="360" src=""> Baby 100% pure Hog Island boas. Produced by myself this June. All...
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    Hi guys. I have a jack Russell. Would an adult hogg island have the capability of constricting it if it escaped. Obviously I dont plan on it escaping but accidents do happen. I would never forgive myself if that happened. I'm just worried?
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    Hi everyone, does anyone know any stores online that sell vivariums of this size ?. Need it for my Hogg Island Boa. Thanks in advance!
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    As the title suggests. Hoping to find a breeder in Scotland. I live in Glasgow. Thank you!
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    Hi, I am struggling to find the information out there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm not a big fan of wooden vivariaums. I like the Exo Terra Glass Terrariums. The largest one they have is 90cm (L) 45cm (W) 90cm (H). Would this be suitable for an adult Hogg Island Boa ? All...
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    Cb10 female hogg island Boa for sale She will sometimes hiss in the viv but fine once taken out with a hook eating xl rats every 2 weeks. Doing everything she should She doesn't include setup
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    Approx 3 yrs old, lovely size and as exactly as she should be. Will sell or swap for a male Hogg of same age . Thanks
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    Stunning male adult, friendly, eats, poos and sheds well. Fantastic looking snake. £150 Ono. Sensible offers only. Extra photos sent on request. No photo hunters please.
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    Hello guys. I have several 100% Pure Hog Island boas born this summer and ready to go now. Heres your chance to own of these stunning and underrated boas. Shedding and feeding well on rat pups and doing all they should. As you can see lovely clean examples from stunning parent stock. Males and...
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    For sale are a pair of Hogg Island Boas Female is cb10 and currently eating xl rats every 2 weeks. She can be viv defensive sometimes, but if taken out with a hook she is fine once out. Male is cb12 and currently eating medium rats every 2 weeks. He is a great snake to handle and get out of...
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    Going into shed but is still gorgeous, chillin in quarantine cellar.:2thumb:
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    Hi Guys looking for a 'Hogg Island Female' with or without set up to add to my growing collection, preferably CB10 or older, i am based in Lincolnshire so nearer the better please or poss courier ??? :2thumb:
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    100% hogg island boa female friendly and feeds well on defrost 3 to 4 ft long £85
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    True hogg island boas female possibly already gravid. Bargain price as rare to find a pair but male has just developed an RI which can be treated. Need them to go fast as a pair so he can be treated asap and I can't afford treatment as my circumstances have changed. Also have a 5ftx2ft viv with...
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    After much consideration I have decided to put my pair of adult proven Hog Island Boas up for sale. I have had them from babies and they are now 5 years old. They are unrelated from two lines of pure Hog Islands and are being rested from breeding this year so will be ready to go Autumn 2014...
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    After keeping snakes for over 12 years without any real problems, I now have 2 snakes which require fairly expensive treatment, at the same time! Firstly there's Echo. My Hogg Island Boa. It started with him not being able to shut his mouth properly. A course of anti biotics didn't work, but a...
1-20 of 84 Results