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hogg island boa
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    female 2012 hogg island boa , approx 3ft 6inch , feeds well on defrost £80
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    Beautiful female Hogg Island Boa CB11 approximately 5ft, lovely markings. Great temperament. Never misses a feed. Only selling due to needing more space. £75 ono - sensible offers only as she is a bargain! Collection or delivery available (petrol cost)
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    Hi, between 10:30 last night and 9 o clock this morning, my hogg island boa escaped from her rub. She's about 1 1/2 feet long. How can I catch her? Please help! Thanks
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    ( i cannot upload any photos, so please message me with your email address and i can send you one.) Reluctant sale of my gorgeous female hogg island. She is a pure hogg island and bought from a reptile shop in oxford when she was a year or so old. im selling her as i have too many animals and...
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    Male Eats anything, mice, rats and chicks. This summer his appetite has really increased and he is currently pounding down medium rats weekly. Good to handle. Would be an ideal breeding prospect for next year.
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    I have one pair of Hogg Island Boas left now. These are 100 % pure not a cross. My adults come two seperate lines (Chris Mattison and Paul Schofield). £75 each. £130 for the pair.
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    I have a trio of hogg island 100%het sharp albino 1x male 2x female from hamm show this year they are around 5 mnths old all feeding well on small mice never miss a feed will take £125 each or £235 pair or trio £335 can send pic if wanted thanks for looking
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    As title says, he is about 3.5ftish and handles and eats great.:2thumb: May consider Trades.
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    This years baby Hogg Island Boa's (100% pure). These are from unrelated parents and are feeding well and look stunning! £100 each £180 a pair £240 for a trio (one male, two females).
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    CB11 Female Pure Hogg Island Boa £150 Will trade for a Carpet python, preferably a Jungle, but will consider others. Not concerned with age, but would prefer a male. The Hogg Island is eating defrost Medium/Large Rats. Around 4ft and 1kg. Poop and shed in order. Shows a lot of peachy blushing...
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    Just discovered these beauties yesterday. I love finding clutches of eggs from the other snakes in my collection but nothing beating finding a live litter!!
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    CB11 Female Pure Hogg Island Boa £175 Eating defrost Medium/Large Rats. Around 4ft and 1kg. Poop and shed in order. Shows a lot of peachy blushing in her sides and goes through a full change in colour tone, dependent on mood and time of the day. Goes from really dark and heavily patterned to...
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    Hi, I have a 5yr old male hogg island boa. He had problems with his mouth (it wasn't mouth rot), so I took him to the vet. They didn't know what the problem was so gave him anti-biotics and anti-inflammatory. After treatment he was better but still occasionally didn't close his mouth properly...
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    Im selling my beautiful hogg island female boa as she is now not in my breeding plans. Shes about 4ft and stunning, friendly and beautiful. She eats sheds poos fine, im looking for £150 for her but am open to offers or may swap for an adult jungle carpet if either sex. Any qs pls ask...
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    Wanted 2012 Hogg island boa
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    not sure if I`ve even posted pics of this guy up before?...he`s a gorgeous chap although he is a very dark hog island, he has some amazing colouring in the flesh! he has a little bit of nose rub due to wanting a lady friend! and I only niticed the little bit of stuck shed on his nose halfway...
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    Hello guys reluctant sale of my beautiful CB10 Female pure Hogg Island Boa. As you can see from the pictures shes amazingly clean for a Hog almost as a ghostly colouration. From dealer in Shefield bought as a pair but only need the male really selling to make some room for my other growing...
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    I have Hypo x Hogg island boa for sale. 2 months old feeding well on fluffs. Friendly little snake. £125 Ono stunning looking, colours getting brighter as it grows im not sure on sex at the moment will know for sure by the weekend. Call or text me on 07715348378 Collection only Crawley SE...
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    Just a quick question to all those boa breeders amongst you. What is the average ratio of males to females in your boa litters and does it vary much from year to year or between different locales? I am interested as my Hogg Island Boa produced a litter of 22 babies this year but only 8 were...
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    Last 2012 pure Hogg Island Boas. Priced super low to allow for courier / collection cost. All feeding well and looking stunning. Not too many pure Hoggs around these days, a really great dwarf hypomelanistic locale which looks great in a display vivarium and handles / feeds well. £200 for a...
21-40 of 84 Results