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hogg island cross
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    I have available the following Boas which were bred by myself, they will all come with birth records (D.O.B - 09.06.13, feeding & shedding etc). All are shedding & feeding well. Here is a picture of the father (Pure Hogg Island): Here is an old picture of the mother (Hypo Hogg poss het...
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    I have a few snakes for sale due to slowly giving up the hobby All feed, shed and handle well unless stated Masked stripe 100% het amel and lavender male £30 can take a while to settle and is also quite nippy with me but fine with the hubby Snow het stripe female £25 Amel stripe male nippy...
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    Hi guys, just wondering, if i was to get a hogg island cross that i seen advertised would it be likely to go a lot bigger than a hogg island with mum and dad both being hogg islands if that makes any sense to anyone! thanks, all input appreciated Billy
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    Hi Guys I have decided, due to my loss of confidence in handling all my snakes, that my boa would be better moving to a home where nerves are not an issue. She is quite a chunky girl - she's approx 6ft long and weighs around 4kg. She is not viv defensive; she does not hiss; she has only...
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    Got this gorgeous little girl today :flrt: please excuse the temporary box hide :blush:
1-5 of 5 Results