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    Looking for adult female hogs; Extreme Red/ Extreme Red Albino Purple Line (must be intense) Toffee/ Conda het. toffee/RBE Toffee Axanthic/ Conda het axanthic May be interested in subadults. Cash waiting for the right woman : victory: Please let me know what you have and don't offer cb15...
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    I'm looking to move my little trio of hogs. Female normal 350g Female anaconda ph albino 60g Male ex red albino 75g Purely to comply with classified rules I'm gonna put a price of £500 on them. I'm open to sensible offers for the group. Drop me a message if interested :) based in lincoln...
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    For sale to knowledgeable homes only; 1 x 100% het for toffee belly hoggy male £50 2 x 100% het for toffee belly hoggy £60 each Message for details and pics
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    Male Western Hognose bought from Donny in July (Supposed to be 100% het albino) does have nice reddish colour to him (Doesnt show in pics) West Hull but can deliver locally. Doesnt really fit into any of my plans anymore can be a problem feeder at times but ive found leaving the fuzzie in the...
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    Common Name: Western Hognose Latin Name: Heterodon nasicus Genetics: Normal 100% Het Albino Sex: Males and females Price: £50 for males £70 for females Location: Near Newmarket, Suffolk Deposit: 25% To Be Paid To Hold For More Than 2 Days
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    I have for sale / swap my adult male proven Western Hognose. The picture doesn't do him justice as he is really bright and very green. For sale (£35) or will swap for a male Pueblan milksnake any age.
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    After giving my hoggy a humid hide a few months back, and reading a lot about their natural behavior in the wild I decided to change his viv about a bit. So i have gone for a "dry" coco fibre at the cool end, its not bone dry but not moist if you get me. With a mixture of red desert sand stuff...
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    Cb14 hognose available 2.2 Albino £125 each,£200 pair 1.0 Normal £35 6.0 Greens £65 each 1.0 Anaconda £200 0.1 Anaconda het Albino £300 Collection in person or courier at buyers on multiples. Full details and pics Hognoses thanks for looking :)
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    A few keepers from this seasons clutches
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    For sale /swap is my adult male Hognose. He is 4 years old and an amazing proven breeder. The picture doesn't do him justice as he is very green in the flesh. He is only up for sale as I have a few new males, he would make a great pet or breeder (he has been cooled). Currently feeding small mice...
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    Due to family / work commitments I have decided to reduce my collection and sell my adult proven pair of Western Hognose's. They are 5 years old and feed well having just been woken up from hibernation. They have produced a about 15 - 20 eggs for the last 2 years (which sold really well) so...
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    :2thumb: anaconda hognoses 100% het 4 albino male and females ready to go all eating very well 300.00 each collection from hayling island or courier please email or call or text 07974-733870
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    Here is some shots of Chive, Fat little guy currently at 225g
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    hiya here i have my early CB12 green phase hognose for sale due to me down sizing on my snake collection and he unfortuantly doesnt fit into my breeding plans. he eats and poos fine, a little hissy though that is expected with a young hoggy. if you want and more info on this little guy please...
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    New camera, so I couldn't resist having a play :D Someone wasn't so keen on playing along sadly so didn't get to take many lol. :2thumb:
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    i have extreme red albino cross albino babies for sale males £225.00 all feeding very well, all 45g+ any questions please ask 079747-33870
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    Apparently a she. Not a great picture but i am happy with her and i must say all about 6 inches of her have more guts than my 4 foot Milk. She puffs up, hisses and is all around gorgeous while doing it, very happy. Is it wrong i never want her to grow up or tame down too much!
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    CB12 Het Hypo & Het Hybino Western Hognoses Feeding on unscented defrost pinkies unless otherwise stated on the pictures. These guys have some funky patterned siblings (picture included at the bottom of the advert) so could reproduce these patterns. Het Hypos £250 a pair Double Het Hybinos...
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    I have decided to sell my male hognose snake. hissy, and bluffs like most hoggies, eating well on pinkies, now taking two per feed. eats, sheds, poos brilliantly. will sell with set up for extra £15. please get in touch, can transport to lincoln, and meet anywhere along my route to lincoln...
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    i have for sale a male proven hognose cb09 all ready to breed £65
1-20 of 36 Results