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hognose breeding
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    Put the male in with the female today and within a minute or so this was going down. Looks like the wee fella has some serious horny urges.
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    adult female hognose 100% het albino 180g plus last weighed. £150 £200 shipped across UK or collection Ramsgate Kent contact [email protected] or text 07767122406
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    hi guys im so excited im going on monday to pick up my female hognose and im just wondering if i got a 100% het albino and breed it to my normal female is it like royal and id get just normals or would i get albinos sorry if this is a stupid question lol. i currently own a pair of royals thanks...
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    Hey i am looking to breed my hognose but just have a few questions. 1. My female is 210g and is eating a small (15g) mouce every 4 days and my male is 85g and is eating a big fuzzy (10g) every week, will they be ok to breed? 2. When should i put them in to cool down and when should i take them...
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    Hi I have a albino male hognose and a female Het hognose if I breed them together what will I get. Any help please. Regards Snakeman1
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    i have to sell most of my colection jue to brake down in relation ship. want good homes for my reps, open to offers they had there first clutch larst year, i think the male might be het for somthink as one of the babies we hatched out had a black stripe down its back. make me a offer as i...
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    Hi all, I'm looking for female hognoses for a breeding project. any age up to three years, any patterning, colouration etc would be great. There were a few local to me, but they have all been sold on while I was on holiday. :bash: Thanks, R.
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    Hi there, Im looking for some hatching western Hognose snakes:snake:, I have one Hoggie at the mo (lovely female from TEG on here) and looking for more unrelated breeding projects, let me know what you have as Im after male and female hoggies.:help: cheers Laurie
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    hi i have 2 female hogs 1 is 7 years old 3ft long and 450gms the other is 2 years old 65gms approx not sure on length but compared to my 7 year old this one is tiny. I have talked my girlfrind into letting me have my brothers male hoggie which i havnt seen yet but to my knowlege is a little...
1-9 of 9 Results