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hognose snake female
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    vivarium brown vivarium in very good condition. 3ft tall, 2ft deep and 18 long. comes with 2 light fittings, 1 guard and is lined in the bottom. great for chameleons or geckos.
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    Hello everyone, I'm looking for some help/advice; my adult female Western Hognose went off food roughly 2 months ago, I know Hogs can and will occasionally go off food for lengths of time but she has never done so, thus it came as quite a shock, she's lost roughly 60 grams and has been either...
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    Hey Everyone! I know probably wrong time of year due to Brumation but wondering if anyone has a female Western Hognose for sale, preferably young (no older than CB11 really) not looking for any morph in particular and would be more than happy with a just a normal but would be REALLY interested...
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    adult female blonde phase poss het hypo £250 with mats, stats etc or £230 without Milton Keynes
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    FOR SALE - open to offers to a good home Female Western Hognose Snake (Hettie) - can come with full set up Sheds, feeds and poos fine. Very healthy, LOVES to be handled and is active from early evening, snaking her way up the front glass doors of her Viv. Feeds weekly on medium sized mice...
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    just wondering if any in my area and what prices please cheers, preferably female but either considered
1-6 of 6 Results