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    I have baby male and female albino anaconda hognose and super albino hognose snakes for sale OK Albino conda Male 150 Female 160 Super anacondas Male 250 Females 260
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    Anyone taking any hognoses to Donny? Not after spending a lot as not fussed at what morph I get Thank you
  3. Snakes
    Hi guys. I'll be getting a baby hoggie in a few weeks, so wanting to get her rub sorted. I've got a 5litre rub on the way with a 7watt mat, now my question is, the thermostat probe. Where do i place the bugger? I've seen people say on the mat and under the rub.. So inbetween ... Well that's...
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    Hi, Does anyone know if there are any breeders in or around Aberdeen?
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    Various hognoses in stock ready to leave HOGNOSE ADULT Cb19 Albino 66% het Axanthic £149.99 (M) Cb19 Anaconda 100% het Ghost poss het Ultramel £149.99 (M) Cb19 Caramel 100% het Frost 66% het Albino £199.99 (M) CB20 BABIES Axanthic 66% het Albino £199.99 (M) Snow £299.99 (M) Super Anaconda...
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    Hi guys, so my hognose has just recently shed this morning. I have just noticed this unusual behaviour he’s been doing since then, he hasn’t ever done this before after he’s shed. I have checked him over and can confirm it’s a full shed so I have no idea what he’s doing. I have attached a video...
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    I have a handful of stunning CB2020 Western Hognose Snakes available: 1x Female Arctic Anaconda 50% possible het Albino £350. 1x Male Super Arctic 50% possible het Albino £700. 1x Female Super Arctic 50% possible het Albino £725. 2x Male Caramel Supercondas 100% het Albino 50% possible het...
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    hey everyone! essentially I moved house a year ago into my own place and I have put my two snakes (hognose and Brb) in my new living room. Ever since I’ve moved my 6 year old brb has been an on and off eater. I’m wondering if this is because she now lives in the main room in the house? Before...
  9. Snakes
    Since I discovered my almost four year old hognose was a female a few days ago I decided I'm going to give her a nest box after hearing that female hognoses can produce infertile eggs and a nest box can help them in passing infertile eggs What substrate is best for a hoggie nest box and should...
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    What are the weights for western hoggies? My little man is refusing food atm and I'm worried he might have lost weight, he's 180g atm The reason I'm asking is that I heard that males tend to get up to 120g and females from 150g to 350g, is it possible that he could be a she?
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    Hello RFUK, I recently made a video on feeding your new baby hognose (tips and tricks) Enjoy: Cheers, Joe from Hoggin Out
  12. Snakes
    Hello RFUK people, New video of my baby hognoses feeding. Enjoy.
  13. Snakes
    Hello RFUK community, Just a quick shameless self promo. I'm starting a new podcast hosting live shows with some cool guests. We will be discussing topics that mostly pertain to hognoses. I'll progress as we go along. Thanks for watching.
  14. Snakes
    Here's a new video of all 3 of my baby hognoses feeding today. Enjoy.. BTW, it was odd seeing all 3 of my babies drinking almost at the same time this morning.. Is there a reason why? Temp? Humidity level? ect? Cheers, Joe
  15. Snakes
    Hello RFUK, I'm new to raising, and the future of breeding western hognose snakes. I have been an avid snake collector for over 25 years. I hope you enjoy, and as always, criticism is welcome. Thanks for the love.
  16. Snakes
    Hello all, Here's a snake adventure story. Enjoy.
  17. Snakes
    Hello everyone, I'm new here, and have been a snake lover for over 30 years. I recently started to buy, raise and breed western hognoses. I hope to learn a lot here from many people, with much more experience than I do, and of course to meet a bunch of cool people as well. Cheers, Joe...
  18. Snakes
    Hi, I'm a new snake keeper and I purchased my first snake which was a western hognose who arrived for me on the 14th. I know I have only had her for a short time but since I've had her I haven't seen her poop once for me yet. Is this normal? She is a good eater; her records show she...
  19. Breeding
    Hi, I was looking for a quick bit of advice. I've been a little concerned about my 7yr old plains hognose due to her acting extremely defensive the last few months. The concern was due to the fact last time she was acting like that was when she was in a lot of pain due to infected scent glands a...
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    I have a male yeti around 80-90 grams and is a 2019 hatch. Feeds great, sheds and poops as it should. Selling due to getting out the hobby. Happy for buyer to collect or can deliver for fuel. If you have any further questions please either email or text me on- [email protected]
1-20 of 500 Results