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    Hi I'm looking for a hockey but don't mind taking on an older hog. I live in Barnet north London I do drive so don't mind travelling but if your to far must be able to use a corior service. Please message me with any available hogs. Forever loving home awaits x
  2. Snakes
    Does anybody know if there will be hognose' s at kiddy on sunday
  3. Snake Classifieds Looking for a pair of ball pythons or anything Message me what you have!!
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    Hi There, I'm selling some of my hognose's as I would like a few ball pythons. must be CB13 or young adults. let me know what you have!! I'm willing to either trade for the right one or sell for cash I have the following for sale 2x CB13 Albino female's Imported From Germany £200 each 1x...
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    Hi There, I have a few different hognose's for sale to make way for a adult i have purchased, they are female and male different morphs. message me if interested Kind Regards Andrew
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    I have available : 1 green anaconda male 66% het albino , eating like a monster and some purple line male anacondas possible het albino. Price includes shipping in the UK. £575 each.
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    I have one clutch of jaguar hogs available , most very good examples of the jag pattern with 2/3 not so good , price starting from £200 upwards depending on quality of pattern. Best examples £600 , the mum is by far the best jag hog I've seen. These will only get better with age , I have a group...
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    as the title says i am looking for 2013 western hognose snakes. nothing to fancy though. thanks t2s
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    Some very poor pics of what i think is a truly amazing looking snake. Ill endeavour to get some proper pics that capture it's true (lack) of colours at some point for now these will have to do. Unfortunately the worst pic of al but the contrast with the belly is amazing
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    Have now got my hog up for sale at 195 but will also swap for other morphs of hogs she has been cooled this year and has been in with my het albino male and albino male and as of yet no eggs so is poss gravid she is 4 years old eats poos sheds super and is fine to Handel any more info or photos...
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    Some of our hogs
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    3 African pygmy hedgehogs for sale in the portsmouth area. we currently have; 2 BLACK females 1 GREY male Born on 16/02/2013, the litter should be weaned and ready to go to thier new homes by the start of April at 6 weeks old. Mother is availible to view. come with a weeks supply of food...
  13. Snakes
    Morning guys! Was just wondering if anyonr has seen any female black bloods or male hog island boas on their travels? Ive rang round a few rep shops but everyone seems to have male bloods and female.hogs lol So yeah anyone know of shops selling them? Or anyone they know personally? Im keeping...
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    As the title states folks please pm me will buy or swap regards chris
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    I have a choice of 2 males from jaguar x jaguar breeding , both are very dark green with green pattern on bellies but difficult to see in pics. Both over 30g and take food from tongs happily , 1 just going into shed (blue on belly). Great chance to breed them next season. Price includes courier...
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    3x albino African Pygmy hoggies for sale £100 beautiful and very friendly Any questions please pm me or txt 07985448182 :) Thanks ad
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    Hi Guys, These are a repeat breeding from last year all bred by myself and come from high contrast lines I will post additional photos of the snakes available shortly. I only have a select few available so PM for more details The snakes will not be released until they are firmly...
  18. Wildlife
    Was walking along the riverbank today and came across these two. After talking to a person who knows about wild hogs and their care she estimated them to be around 4 weeks old and will need care for another 5-6 weeks. Well Ive took a few photos of these cuties. Meet River and her sister Lake...
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    Hi All, Here is a price list of whats available from the Western Hognose Collection: All snakes are CB12 and will not be sold until they have had a minimum of 4-5 feeds. Normals - £35 Males, £50 Females Het Albinos - £45 Males, £65 Females Albinos - £150 each or £250 a pair Greens -...
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    2 African pygmy hedgehogs for sale in the portsmouth area. we currently have; one ALBINO female one CHOCOLATE male they are litter trained and have wonderful personalities. both parents are available to view. UKAPH registerd and come with a weeks supply of food feel free to message me any...