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    Now 8weeks old and housed from mom these tame an loving baby's are looking for new homes :) priced at £150 ech they will be aph registered with your choice of name. Full care of them available at all times, and always on hand with after sale care ect :) Thanks Adam P.s more pics will be posted...
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    Thought some of you may find this interesting. Hope you like You can just see the white of the egg starting to show here A little further out. Pushing hard You can start to see the blood vessels inside the egg now Just over half way Looking good and about 2 thirds out...
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    As title says: 1 albino approx 75g and 1 het albino approx 70g males , not required for this season so selling £220 pair
  4. Snake Pictures
    Anaconda Male Anaconda Female Anaconda het Amel Male Thank you for your time.
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    I have decided to sell my female Hoggie, 340g empty. Was sold to me as 100% het Albino but out of 13 eggs none proved out though i do trust the original seller but to be on the safe side selling as normal. Excellent temperament, eats shed etc as expected. Maybe interested in part ex for female...
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    I have 3 female APH's for sale (inc. full set up & equipment) as follows: 1. Bella is a ruby-eyed cinnecot, 2 years old. Unusual face - adorable big ears! Good eater but needs encouragement to exercise (enjoys running around in the large ball outside of the hutch). Very friendly & enjoys being...
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    Jaguar X Albino Jaguar
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    Asking £50 for this guy, proved earlier this year when he sired a clutch of 13, all hatched successfully. Was sold to me as 100% het albino but no paperwork or albino's in the clutch so just selling as a normal, you could well get lucky though. Good temperament and feeder, does everything as...
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    At least 80g please. Lystrophis pulcher prefered. Interest in what you may have. Regards, Karl
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    Recommended Breeder has gorgeous APH babies for sale. 3 Girls and 1 boy available,1 Female reserved) 1 Abino female,1 Brown female, 1 Albino Male Babies will be registered, with a care pack and after care. Ready for new homes in about 3 weeks I will ask you to fill in a questionnaire, so...
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    Just hatching out now, parents were sold to me as 100% het Albino's but haven't proved out this year. Obviously this doesn't mean they are not het, i could just of been unlucky but because of this im selling the babies as normals,asking for £50 each for both males and females. Discount...
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    Two young female APH for sale - 9 weeks old - ready to go. Handled from 4 weeks old, already friendly and becoming tame but will need regular handling once bought, as to get used to new scents. Please ensure that you are fully set up with housing & equipment before offering to collect. If...
  13. Snake Pictures
    Just thought I would share these new pics of my Striped Anacondas :flrt::flrt::flrt: The female And the Male The male is about 66% striped but hey what the hell. They are the only 2010 pair in the world as far as I am aware. :2thumb:
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    Jewel Rekord 700 with hood, Light has been replaced due to the original one breaking. many accessories included in the sale, Fluval 1+ filter, Aqua one 55w heater which is 1 month old and still boxed. 2 air pumps with a large airstone feature and airline. Nitrate test kit (about half used)...
  15. Snakes
    Here are some pics of the latest Western Hognose I have just received from the USA. Thanks Steve for collecting them from Hamm for me you are a star mate :2thumb: Ist up 0.1 Striped Anaconda 2nd is 1.0 Striped Anaconda The two above pictured together 3rd is a 0.1 Creamsicle Albino...
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    I have 4 APH's for sale... the lot for £300 or single ones for £100 please contact for details. I have 3 Female and 1 Male..
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    I have 2 female African Pygmy Hedgehogs for sale: - Ruby Eyed Cinnacot - Chocolate Pinto These are both gorgeous girls who are very friendly and are great pets. I have to sell these for personal reasons. They are both registered with the UKAPHR and I have the certificates. Mia is the...
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    I was wondering if there was a site available that will help me identify the colours of my Hogs so I can be sure. Thanks
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    I am looking for female hedgehogs, has anyone got any for sale?
  20. Exotic Mammals
    Hey all, I'm new to the forums here :) I wanted to ask about buying an African Pygmy Hedgehog. I've done some research and still doing more, but I love the little fellas and I would love to buy one. I'm just looking for some advice regarding looking after them. I have a few question if anyone...