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  1. Equipment & Supplies
    Looking to get a 4 foot viv for my blue tongue skink at some point, preferably either solid or plywood as it'll be a TV stand too. I'm based in Southampton and whilst local would be preferred, anyone who delivers would be good too. TIA
  2. Lizards
    Hi lovely people can anyone give me some ideas on making my own bug grub for hoppers please. Thanks Maria
  3. Equipment & Supplies
    i was just wondering if anyone would be interested if i made platforms or hides to sell. i've made 2 so far and my gecko loves them. i make them with polystyrene, aquarium silicone, tile plaster, acrylic paint and water based non toxic varnish and can add fake plants. this is the first one i...
  4. Habitat Pictures
    This is me new crested gecko viv There is a waterfall in which anticipates the front where water is that is where the stones are, the stones I have done because so the gecko can not swim in the water and drown. the stones are not wet except where the waterfall comes out. The...
  5. Snakes
    I'm sure this will have been done before but let's give it another go... I've made all my own viv's for a number of years now but have never posted pictures before so thought it was about time I did. This is a 7x2' for a male 10' Albino Burm. Let's see your home made viv's and racks :2thumb:
  6. Equipment & Supplies
    what clever little tools do you guys use? anything home made? or something not intended for how you use it? or even just what herp equipment do you find most useful? I found that a pump up mist gun has changed my life haha, no more of those crappy hairdresser spray bottles that break after a...
  7. Breeding
    This is a 18ltr argos wine cooler that i got cheap and converted a while ago. :)
  8. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Is this safe to use. The UV light makes my room way to bright etc but i cant afford to buy a proper reflector at this time. I have placed tinfoil over the cage above the light an it seems to have worked. Have anyone used this before and is there any safety issue that i should be aware of??
  9. Habitat
    hey guys could really do with some help, i have a load of slate and i want to glue it all together and construct a hide/climbing frame thing for my Leos, the Question is, what glue would be ok to use????? please please please help me :2thumb:
  10. Habitat
    my pals viv's were looking a bit bare so i came up with these. Leo (LG) loves come out of the viv, so i made this and now she can get to the door when she likes and in place Then a hide and base( can use as water dish too) and together and now in the process of making more for...
  11. Habitat
    Using some ideas off this forum, I have made some hides and hope this info might be useful for someone else and would welcome any suggestions to improve them. The total cost for single build is less than £2.00! I bought the filler and a pack of three plastic tubs from the Pound Shop. I bought...
  12. Breeding
    could you use a perfectly working fridge as an incubator when you want and still use it as a fridge the rest of the time? is this dangerous or would it be dangerous with the gas in the fridge and heating it up? has anyone done this and how have they got on? another one of my questionable...
  13. Lizards
    hello all ive built my first incubator and ive had it running for 3 days, it has 1 large heatmatt at the bottom and a small one at the top, ive put the thermostat probe at the bottom, and the digital thermometer probe in the tub filled with vermiculite its reading 86.2 very steady, and the...
  14. Snakes
    hi, when building a home made viv, what would be the max hight for arborials ?. i have an ilet at the side of the chimney,(the old tele stand), it is 2.5 feet high so i plan to move stuff aroud to accomodate the viv. Your thoughts ?? has any one posted a good clear home made vvi project on you...
  15. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi Need to seal the polystyrene on a home made incubator. Any ideas? Obviously heat and humidity resistant. Its just to stop the edges falling apart. Cheers
  16. Snakes
    Hi all, this is my first proper post. i was just wondering, what tips and tricks you've picked up from years of snake keeping, stuff that you wont find in books... And also any home made, but simple ideas that you use to keep costs down, thought there might be a few new ones due to the evil...
  17. Amphibians
    Just made a 4 viv fogger system,got given a humidifyer before so thought i would give it a go... I am really impressed with how its gone, Ill upload a vid when youtube processes it.. phil.
1-17 of 17 Results