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    Need to thin out the collection so these guys are for sale. Males Clown (proven) £150 Albino Pied (adult) £500 Mandarin Rat snake 2019 £150 Mexican Black Kingsnake 2020 £180 Females Albino 2016 (proven) £250 Pied 2019 (1350g) - £450 Double Het Albino Clown 2020 - £ 60 Mandarin Rat snake...
  2. Spiders and Inverts
    Hey guys, i've owned my Formerly known Brachypelma Albopilosum now Tliltocatl Albopilosum Female for around 13-14months now and am starting to think about breeding in the future (just for experience with T breeding more than anything else), now the problem im having is i cannot seem to work out...
  3. Snakes
    I know there are two line of Honduran milksnake (tangerine and tricolor ) And we'd better not to cross the streams when breeding. But when I got a ghost, and do not know it's parents, how could I know which line the ghost in?
  4. Snake Classifieds
    CB18 Tangerine Albino Honduran Milksnakes 2 X Males Eating Defrost Mice £70 Each Collection Gravesend Kent Open to Trades
  5. Snake Classifieds
    Hi I'm looking for milk snakes of all and any kind please in the london area or close please. Please pm details and pics thank you look forward to hearing from you soon.
  6. Invert Classifieds
    True Curly Hair - Brachypelma albopilosum (Nicaragua) slings, bred from individuals from the original TSS 2015 import. Images of the parents attached x1 - £3 x4 - £10 x10 - £20 RMSD 1PM £8.55 Payment by PayPal Friends & Family or Bank Transfer
  7. Snakes
    Hello guys, I have a 2 years old L.t.hondurensis and I wish to introduce him a female my friend keep from about 10 years, a little bit bigger than my male. Both have not been brumate, the female because the cage is one of many in a reptilarium open to public and, as the owner showed me, his...
  8. Snake Classifieds
    Due to work and family commitments i cannot spend enough time to appreciate my little beauties. all do as they should. I have for sale; -adult pair of mexican black kings. both feeding like dust bins. Can be paired this coming season. Only to be sold as a pair. £275 for the pair. male mbk...
  9. Snake Classifieds
    To all Hondy lovers out there. Check out my super lovely stunning Tangerine Honduran Milksnakes. 2015 hatchlings, now 10 months old and growing rapidly. One Male, One Female. Both eating heartily on defrosted rat Fuzzies. Both in great health. These beautiful and brightly coloured milksnakes...
  10. Snake Classifieds
    I'm having to give the hobby up all together so everything I have is for sale. Located in st neots near Cambridge I have a proven trio of normal pueblan milks. £100 Ono A cb14 trio of Hondurans het hypo, vanishing pattern, albino, anery & amel. (Dad hypo vanishing pin x mum snow) £120 Ono...
  11. Snake Classifieds
    hi i'm selling my honduran, roughly around 6ft on feeding on large rat weaners weekly, brilliant feeder, sheds and poos fine, lovely snake, stunning colours i cant get the images to upload but you can contact me on 07871323092 for some pics or if you need any info
  12. Snakes
    Ok so my honduran milksnake is now approaching 4ft and i think roughly just over 2 years of age ... it has never been an overly active snake and spends most of the day in its hide (also very jumpy if out and i walk near the vivarium) ... i have had it in a 4ft viv exotic vivarium for about 4...
  13. Snake Classifieds
    Hi guys I am looking for a male Pearl Honduran Milksnake (Hypo, Vanishing pattern, Anerythristic, Albino) if you have one or know of any please get in touch Thank you in advance James
  14. Snake Classifieds
    All doing as they should and eating thawed mice. Email:[email protected] or text 07906113421 for quickest response. CB13 Tricolor Honduran Female £40 CB13 Anery Honduran Female £50 CB13 Hypo Tangerine Honduran Female £50 CB11 Tricolor Albino Honduran Male £50 CB13 Hypo Tangerine...
  15. Snakes
    Hi, ive just bought a new 4ft viv exotic vivarium with a cabinet which will be delivered in a week, for my honduran milk snake ... i have the following items with it but am just double checking if I have missed anything. - Heat mat - thermometer - thermostat - humidity Meter - Branch for...
  16. Snakes
    Just after some opinions ... i know it all depends on the snake so will vary for different people but just Wondering generally what size vivarium a full size honduran milksnake needs. The snake is in a roughly 2ft vivarium at the moment and i have had the snake since august. It is slightly less...
  17. Snake Classifieds
    All snakes are feeding and doing everything as they should unless stated. VARIABLE KINGSNAKES Males: CB13 Leopard Phase £50 CB13 Orange Milksnake Phase £50 Females: CB12 Orange Milksnake Phase £60 CB12 Orange Milksnake Phase £60 CB13 Milksnake Phase £50 DURANGO MOUNTAIN KINGSNAKES...
  18. Snake Classifieds
    2013 Normal het albino and hypo (male)£40.00 2013 Hypo Tangerine (male) from falcon extreme line £60.00 2013 Hypo Tricolor pinner (male) £60.00 South Wales 07906 113421
  19. Snake Classifieds
    Honduran Milksnakes for sale all doing as they should,feel free to request pics by email or inquire by text. South Wales 07906113421 [email protected] 2000 Albino Tricolor male £60 2013 Hypo Tricolor Pinner male £80 2013 Tricolor male het hypo and albino £40 2012 Hypo Tangerine female...
  20. Newbie Advice
    I just purchased my first snake a Honduran Milk Snake roughly 50cm in size at the moment. at the shop i was told to leave him a day and then start handling him as soon as i can to get him used to it. when i first took him out to transfer into his vivarium he did bite me which startled me but...
1-20 of 109 Results