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  1. Spiders and Inverts
    I have came across two now in bulk orders for my BD. I know it's a hopper lol, but what's with it looking like it crawled out of hell? Also are they safe to feed my BD ?
  2. Lizards
    Hi I am a relatively new beardie owner and caring for my female 8-9 month has been mostly a breeze so far. The only issue I am having is with her feeding. I have always used a large plastic storage box to feed her in and up until a month or so ago she would eat 15-30 large crickets a day. At...
  3. Snakes
    So my corn's been on fuzzy's for a while (she gets two a week), and they're only just starting to not make a distinctive bulge in her stomach, is there a specific point when i should upgrade to a hopper? and what would be the size difference between these two? Thanks! :2thumb:
  4. Lizards
    Ok guys I breed these things and I'm new to this,only been doing it 6 months. Simple cage homemade, measures like 30cm depth,70cm length, 50cm high. Made out of wood and cut some glass Perspex and used them for a sliding doors. Have a simple 28 watt heat mat and a normal 40 watt spotlight...
  5. Feeder
    Hi everyone, I would like to compile a list of reasons as to why locusts might die on you, so that people can try and minimize waste etc. As a student I find it very uneconomical to have even a small percentage dying every week, and as a soft-furnishings kind of guy I don't like seeing any...
  6. Lizard Pictures
    I have had this a few times but I thought this one was particularly funny. It's basically the result of a hopper getting free between the tub and the viv and leaping for freedom!
  7. Feeder
    Hi All, Whats a hopper. Is it just a fully grown locust.
  8. Feeder
    Hi guys just a dead simple query here. When I try to gut load my hoppers, they seem completely uninterested in everything I give them. Fruit, salads like cucumber and pepper, greens as well. My crickets eat everything I give them, but the hoppers won't. Is there any particular food they go mad...
  9. Snake Classifieds
    Late July 2011 male pastel royals for sale. All have had at least 5 feeds, first 3 hoppers then small mice. All have had clean first shed. All bed by us, see our album for pictures. For further info please message us on here or call 02380671594 Thanks Lee and Steph
  10. Snakes
    So I bought a cute little Western Hognose the other day, he's been fed a crawler once a week. I want to bulk him up a little bit, would it be alright to feed him a pinkie mid week or should I just reduce the time between feeds? Your help is very much appreciated :)
  11. Spiders and Inverts
    I finally found some interesting bugs on the morning I left Florida. There were lots of these hoppers (can anyone ID?) They look like they are wearing superhero outfits :D I would love to have some colourful hoppers but I can't find them online anywhere... and a cute lizard (sorry for...
  12. Exotic Mammals
    I swear this is even harder than getting the Marmoset Diet :P anyone know an online store? been feeding them Horse feed but doesnt seem the healthiest choice.
  13. Lizards
    Hey, Just wanted to collect some opinions and ask a couple questions... Im sure there are some of you who have experience with both locusts and crickets. My Leo is 1 year old and has been fed on Locusts. I noticed that crickets seem to be alot cheaper( you get alot more for your money) Ive...
  14. Equipment Classifieds
    :welcome: Last few water crystals left only enough for 11 100g orders left!! Get them while there going cheaper than ANYONE else is selling them!! :no1: Check it out: 100G Water Crystals / Bug Gel on eBay (end time 25-Sep-10 23:46:09 BST) Or drop me a pm if you don't want to use ebay for...
  15. Lizards
    My viv has a small gap in the side that a cricket or hopper could escape out of. Is it essential to block this up (as it helps with air flow) or can I feed him his live food by hand (or tong) without leaving them to hop around the viv? Is chasing his food essential behavior?
  16. Lizards
    Hey guys! I have had my two Leos (Thelma and Louise), they are both male...go figure lol...anyway, i have had them since december and had trouble getting them to eat after the move for about 3 weeks. I finally succeeded aned they were eating fine and i was happy. The problem came when i bulk...
1-16 of 16 Results