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horned frog
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    Ceratobatrachus guentheri (Solomon Island Leaf Frog) 1.1 Breeding pair - £250 Feeding on adult crickets. Female fat with eggs, male calling incessantly! 4 x Early 2018 juveniles - £95 each / £350 all 4 Eating crickets daily, growing well. 1.1.4 GROUP £500 Imported from Europe, this species...
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    Im after a Pac-Man frog please let if anyone has one for sale, I dont mind what colour and a bit of travel if needed.
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    Top dollar waiting for cool colours! text me 07515833206 or email [email protected]:notworthy:
  4. Amphibians
    top dollar waiting for cool colours. text me 07515833206 or email [email protected]
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    Suriname horned frog Rare green form, mint specimen £100.
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    3 Red (Strawberry) Albino Horned Frogs and 1 reduced pattern Green Horned Frog for SALE or SWAP (looking for 2016 Royals 2 gene female's either Yellow Belly + gene or Specter + gene or Champagne + gene) Ceratophrys cranwelli. Never seen a defrosted mouse. Strong feeders; can be hand fed or...
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    Rare green form Suriname horned frog stunner. £110 no offers.
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    I have 3 Red (Strawberry) Albino Horned Frogs for sale and 1 High Green with Reduced pattern Horned Frog for sale Ceratophrys cranwelli. They have all been raised to their current sizes on insects/worms alone and have never seen a defrosted mouse. All are good strong feeders that will take...
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    AMPHIBIANS: CB14 Green Horned Frogs Unsexed £40 Each CB15 Leucistic Axolotls Unsexed £20 Each Whites Tree Frogs Sub Adults £22 Each CB Golden Bell Frogs (x5 Available) £25 Each or 3 for £60 Adult Dendrobates auratus ‘Green & Black’ £60 Sub-Adult Dendrobates auratus ‘Green & Black’ £60 Sub-Adult...
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    One of the most popular and hardiest frog in the pet trade is the Chacoan Horned frog, which are available as captive bred. They originate from the semi-arid grasslands in the Gran Chaco region of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. During the drier part of the year they burrow underground wrapped in...
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    I'm looking for something different to add to my collection, Unsure what frog/toad I'm looking for but if anyone has anything for sale please pop me a message. I'm very interested in a PacMan (horned frog) Please let me know If they come with anything as I have a RUB but its holding a snake at...
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    Hi guys, thought I'd show you my new horned frog set up. Open to any suggestions, so if you think anything should be changed let me know. So I've went from using a heat mat to a 50w infrared lamp on a microclimate day/night thermostat. Was using a heat mat before but i'm starting to use heat...
  13. Amphibians
    Hi, I have a green Horned frog in a 18 x 18 x 12 inch terrarium. I have a top canopy along with 2 x 13 watt natural daylight compact lamps by Exo Terra, I don't think they actually produce UVB but I'm only wanting to use them to view my frog better. There doesn't seem to be a lot on the lighting...
  14. Amphibians
    Hi guys, I was just wondering what type/brand of calcium should I use for a pacman ? and should I get one with D3? How often should i give it the supplements? Also do i need to give it multivitamins, if so which type/brand should i use. Thanks
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    pacman/horned frog sub adult normal nice markings. no equipment or viv. eats well. a diet of locust morio worms and pinkies(strictly one a week) giving free to good home. rehoming due to my son wanting a more active exotic pet
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    Stocklist CORN SNAKES: CB14 Phantom Corn Snake Female £70 CB14 Candy Cane Corn Snake Female £50 CB14 Tessera Corn Snake Female £100 CB14 Lavender Corn Snake Female £60 CB14 Lavender Corn Snakes (x5 Males) £60 Each *OFFER £50* CB14 Stripe Corn Snake Male £40 CB14 Hypo Diffused Stripe Corn Snake...
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    That's right, I am selling off a number of rather large frogs, as detailed below: 0.0.7 grown on horned frogs, various morphs (works out to be £35 each): > 0.0.5 green phase (C.cranwelli) > 0.0.1 apricot phase (C.cranwelli) > 0.0.1 fantasy horned frog (C.cornuta x C.cranwelli) 0.0.1 giant...
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    AMPHIBIANS: CB Golden Bell Tree Frogs (x5 Available) £25 Each or 3 for £60 Common Tree Frogs (x2 Available) Unsexed £12 Each CB14 Whites Tree Frogs (x5 Available) Unsexed £14 Each CB14 Green Horned Frog Unsexed (x2 Available) £30 Each CB14 Dendrobates tintorinus ‘Matecho’ £45 CB14 Dendrobates...
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    Hi there everyone. I was hoping someone could shed some light for me on identifying the following frogs .... Firstly this was sold to me as a fantasy but I'm convinced it's pure ornata ...and this one is for sale as a strawberry fantasy is this a cornuta cross???
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    CB14 Green Horned Frog Unsexed £30 (x2 Available)
1-20 of 182 Results