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hot rocks
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  1. Lizards
    I have a hot rock for my leo. I dont use it, does anyone use one? Had any problems? Id quite like to put it in but i dont want to turn it on. Any sparkies on here that can tell me how to take the wire out? Or just cut it as close to rock as possible?
  2. Equipment Classifieds
    small four paws hot rocks £4 each, approx 200 available, brand new boxed
  3. Newbie Advice
    All I've ever heard about them was that you shouldn't use them. I've been given one for free and I'm thinking that maybe I should just throw it out...Unless anyone can think of a good use for it for one of the animals in my signature? (the drop down box on the left)
  4. Snakes
    I know from experience that the old style heatrocks were dangerous and a liability, and I think its fair to say that the vast majority of people on here would baulk at the idea of using them now. However, I've recently heard a raving review from a friend who tried one of the new Exo-Terra...
  5. Lizards
    so what do you find the best thing for a basking point? a rock under the light or wood? what do you find the best thing to use?
1-5 of 5 Results