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    Recently bought a beautiful African black house snake from a reptile show ~1.5 months ago. I was told by the seller this is a ~2yo female, identified as a wild caught L. Inoratus. Just noticed today that she developed several pale spots throughout her body that weren't there a week ago (pictured...
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    Hi, apologies for any errors I have never posted before. I've had a baby black house snake for about 4 months now, not sure his exact age but he was pretty tiny when i got him and I'd say he's now just off a foot in length (shoelace size width). He's currently in a a small plastic tub which...
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    As in title seeking a female olive house snake.
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    I am emigrating, so, unfortunately, I am having to sell most of my snakes, as taking them over is prohibitively expensive. I have the following yearling cape house snakes for sale. They are all wild types (but captive bred), but their father was het T+ albino, so there is a small chance that...
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    Anyone have one available? Multi gene considered or even ghost. Will be going to Doncaster.
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    We need to rehome our beautiful juvenile African house snake. He/she is really friendly, used to being handled and is an excellent feeder. Sheds perfectly every time. Sex unknown i'm afraid. We can deliver locally. We are open to any offers at this stage we really just need to find this little...
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    I have the following cape house snakes (Boaedon capensis) for sale. CB12 male proven breeder, normal with no hets as far as I know but he is a beautiful pinkish orange colour with faint speckling. Has produced high red coloured offspring with speckled patterns. £35 CB13 male proven breeder...
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    Hi, I have a two year old pair of Aurora house snakes available. A very uncommon and beautiful species. Feeding well on large pinkies. Can take to Donny. £240
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    So, I recently purchased an olive house snake. Wild caught. Cute little guy. I'd heard they are aggressive feeders. I have a ball python and of course, those are notoriously picky eaters, so I figured I'd have no issues with this new snake since I don't have any with the ball python. Well, I...
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    Levi: Russian rat snake Biscuit: African Brown House snake Glados: Leucistic black rat snake:
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    I have a bunch of CB15 Boaedon capensis available. 1.0 CB15 T- albino 66% ph. anery - £30 (photo) 0.2 CB15 T- albino OR hypo - £30 (photos) 1.2 CB15 Normal het T- albino ph hypo - £20 (photos) Animals offered for sale are all eating and shedding perfectly. Collection from Westbury, Wiltshire.
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    hi all any house snake breeders? pref up northwest looking for striped or aurora housies but any babies really ,albinos etc so anyone breed or have some next year ? cheers
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    Will he go into hibernation come winter?
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    So I got him today he's so tiny, this is his setup any tips on how to improve?
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    Hi, I have some lovely snakes for sale: Captive bred Garter Snakes (no pics for these at the moment): 1.0.0 Thamnophis marcianus (2010/11) - £50 ONO 1.0.0 T marcianus (2010/11) albino - £80 ONO These are brothers, and both are active and entertaining. Good feeders. Captive bred Boas: 1.0.0 Boa...
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    Hi All I need a female aurora house snake at Donny for 21st or if around Essex can be before! Let me know if you have one!
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    Decided I wanted a few nice photos of Kaa. I had to seriously crop these but it will do until I get a Macro lens. And with a little editing for a little fun...
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    Hi everyone, I've recently acquired a male and female African house snake, and fell in love with these guys! I was testing the water to see if anyone may have any of the different morphs/mutations they may like to sell to me? :2thumb: or even if anyone knows of a shop that may be selling...
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    New pics of my Cape housie :mf_dribble:one of my first snakes :)
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    Have not posted for a while but here's an update... Levi the Russian rat snake and Glados the Black rat snake came out of brumation on Monday. Turns out I had nothing to worry about with it! Levi lost less than one percent of his body weight and the black rat didn't loose any at all...
1-20 of 145 Results