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house snakes for sale
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    For sale are my 2011 Male and Female Albino Cape African House Snakes. Both snakes are in good healthy condition and are voracious eaters. The snakes will come with applicable sized Really Useful Boxes tubs and water dish. I have full feeding, shedding and weight records from the day I have...
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    Pair of unrelated albino african house snakes, both eat well on small defrosted mice.cannot upload pics can send them by text.stunning looking both around 15 mths.
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    Hey anybody have any Aurora House Snakes for sale would like it to be male though as they don't grow as big as females :lol2:
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    African Het Brown House snakes for sale. :flrt:Beautiful snakes, lovely colours, limited pairs available. £15 each or £25 a pair. Collection only. All female are well established and August 2010 so nice size, feeding on pinkies. All feeding, shedding etc.. These snakes have a very calm...
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    I will be selling Het Albino House snakes at the Portsmouth Show on 24th October 2010. Lovely colours. Most have had 4 or more feeds and have shed twice (nice size). Perfect 1st time snake or an addition to any collection, reach max 4 ft. Price £17:50 each or pairs at £30.00 (only a limited...
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    this is quite a hard decision....but to allow myself the room to expand on other species i want to work with i have decided to downsize on the snakes i have enough of (if that makes sense? lol ) so here goes!.... female 08 high orange BCI absolutely beautiful snake! excellent feeder on...
1-6 of 6 Results