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house snakes
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    2019 & 2020 hatches available albino £40 and wild coloureds het for albino £30. 2019s well fattened up and on to fluffs every 5 days so plenty of the work done to get them well on the road to maturity. Pickup location NR32 or at Doncaster show if it ever happens this year.
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    Leopard snakes, 2015 hatchlings, feeding, good bright markings. From unrelated parents. £140.00 pair Aesculapian snakes, breeding group consisting of one male and two females, all unrelated. One of the females is melanistic (black) and stunning. Beautiful snakes, both females bred and raised...
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    Will be upstairs at Doncaster with: Dwarf Burmese Males, last year's slow feeders so will remain small. £275 Bangka Blood Pythons, 2015, Males £175, Females £225, a pair £350. Photos in my album males 7,8,13. Females 4,5 eating well. A couple of others struck and coiled last night so may...
  4. Snakes
    Just a word on house snakes if you wouldn't mind... intelligence? are they smart like retics or dumb like boas? ;) (maybe more of a question of handling experience) - apologies for ambiguity of question activity levels? in and out of viv ... is what I am most interested in. Also am I right...
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    looking for some more to add to collection, snows,ghosts,t+albinos,hypos, paternless etc male/female olives also wanted cash waiting pm with what you have and details of price/location thanks
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    1.1 het khal albino nicuraguan dwarf boas 2013 still small and tame £200 pair or £125 each 1.1 albino house snakes,albino 7£0 for both 1 snow corn £25 believe male adult very tame eats well 1 normal reduced corn think female £30 very tame eats well ,2010 0.1 royal python 800g £80 bred by me 1.0...
  7. IHS Doncaster
    any house snakes ging to donny and price etc??
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    Due to time constraints I reluctantly putting my 5 housies up for sale. I am selling 1.1 CB12 Capes (Boaedon Capensis) - both sold as T-Albino but suspect male is hypo as a bit deeper red. Both from AC Snakes and are as placid as can be and never shown any inclination to bite. He is a bit...
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    the captive care of house snakes book by eric patterson great book with great pics in great condition £8 posted no offers
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    Ollivander freshly shed: Olivia, she's a lot darker than Ollivander Eli as normal At present, in blue:
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    Royals 0.2 2010 Normals (1-1.2kg) - £150 1.0 2010 Normals (800g) - £100 1.0 2010 Cinnamon (900g) - £200 0.1 2009 Cinnamon (2kg) - £1200 0.1 2009 Lesser Platinum (1.6kg) - £1000 House Snakes 0.2 2008 Dotted African House Snakes - £45 each Asian Rats 1.0 2012 Vietnamese Blue Beauty - £100...
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    2013 House Snakes, Het albino and albinos for sale all feeding and shedding great, all have had at least 6 feeds. £20 100% Het Albino £25 Albino will do deals on multiples. collection Wolverhampton.
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    house snake morphs wanted cash waiting adult females/males prefered may consider babys west yorkshire area unless u can deliver :2thumb:
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    BIG FOR SALE LIST have reduced prices for Donny: ROYALS: 1.0 2011 ALBINO £300 1.0 2010 MOJAVE ph HYPO £300 0.1 2007 NORMAL approx 1400g £150 (proven) 0.1 2009 NORMAL approx 900g £80 0.1 2012 NORMAL het RMJ GHOST £100 CORNS: Adult Females 0.1 AMEL het. Hypo, Lavender, Stripe (lays nice big...
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    As this is one of the snakes i'm going to be breeding in the future thought i'd put all the house snakes in this thread I only have 2 at the moment but getting another 2 in a week or two the one that started off the housies I got 3 years ago :2thumb: The first one that starts it all off is the...
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    Cb 13 cape house snakes Normal £15 Het albino £20 T- albino £25 Normals have totally different parents from het and albino Collection only
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    Hi I have 10.25 Olive House Snakes cb2012 and 2013 Boaedon olivaceus for sale with more in the incubator I'm offering these at £30.00 each or £75.00 a trio all of this batch I'm offering have fed voluntarily several times and growing well please read this thread to understand more about...
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    2013 House Snakes, Het albino and albinos for sale all feeding and shedding great, all have had at least 6 feeds. £25 100% Het Albino £30 Albino will do deals on multiples. collection Wolverhampton.
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    Three CB12 house snakes for sale, 1.1 from July hatch, 1.0 from August hatch. Possibly B. capensis x B. maculatus hybrids. All feeding well on defrost pinks, shedding well and good to handle. Collection from Westbury, Wiltshire or can transport to Frome (and possibly surrounding areas, if fuel...
  20. Snakes
    hey who on here breeds housies? pref northwest but not essential and for those who have a lot of experience with them.which of the housies stays smallest, I want a small as poss when it reaches adult, from what i read some can be 2 feet,some 4 feet ? cheers
1-20 of 38 Results