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    Hi all. Does anyone know where I can acquire a aurora from? It was the first species I ever had many years ago growing up in South Africa. I now have a couple bigger constrictors but I’d like to share the joy of those beautiful snakes with my kids . Any help would be great in locating one or a...
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    Anyone know of a good breeder, preferably in scotland or willing to courier. Looking for an adult or grown on female. Thanks
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    hey guys and girls ive recently got my self a wonderful house snake named isabel and i would love to see other peoples housesnakes any morph,breed or size of house snake as long as its a housesnake please :)to start things of ill show you my little girl :D
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    2 pairs of cb albino hatchlings for sale . These are T+ albinos and feeding on DF pinkies . £60 a pair and local delivery is possible . pic 1 male pic 2 femalel pic 3 male pic 4 female (in shed) thanks nik
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    Hi all, i have a proven male butter motley, and female caramel het amel motley that no longer fit into plans, im looking for house snakes of any kind to swap for these two so if any body has any plz get in touch!! cheers karl. p.s will upload pics of the corns shortly!
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    2010 pair True Olive House Snakes Please note, these are not as calm and friendly as cape house snakes, they are flightly and can and do bite, for this reason, I would rather sell to experienced keepers. Individual Faunarium set ups (Faunarium, hide and water bowl) can be provide for an extra...
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    CB in Germany. Purchased at Hamm These guys are a little nippy, but soon calm down with handling.
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    Male t- albino Female het t- albino Proven breeders Both excellent to handle Male Female Plus two 2010 hatched youngsters, both Het t- £20 each
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    Need to sell a few animals to make room for this years babies:- Pair of Spotted Pythons, almost adult, seen mating £250. Childrens Python, almost adult female, very aggressive. £75. Pair of Albino Fat-Tail Geckos, adult breeders. £150.... Het Albino Housesnake, young female, £40. Pair of...
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    Irregular feeder £20.00
1-10 of 10 Results