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hypo brazilian rainbow
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    I am a private breeder specialising in Brazilian Rainbow Boas and have a great selection of CB13 and CB12 Brazilian Rainbow Boas available from various litters. CB13 Normals from £80 each. CB13 Hypos £450 each. CB13 100% het Hypos £225 each. CB13 50% poss het Hypos from £90 each. CB2012 66%...
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    5 hypos and 18 66% het hypos and one slug produced on 4th September.:mf_dribble:
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    Our personal BRB shipment has finally landed, even if it was a day earlier then scheduled (lol) It's been a long process but was worth it, i wont bore you all with the story, so here are some pics... 08 Hypo Male (Super Nova): 08 Hypo Female (Sherbet): 08 High...
1-3 of 3 Results