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hypo burms
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    2 female hypo het albino green granite burms eating rat fluffs, £200 each or swap for a rat breeding rack, vivs or any other reptile ie snakes or lizards. Pm me for pics or offers. Can possibly deliver at buyers cost.
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    I have 2 female 2014 hypo het albino green granites for sale. will sell £200 or £380 the pair. pm me an email address if you want pics and I will email them over. can deliver local at cost or with in reason at buyers cost.
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    Due to a change in cicumstances i have no other option but to sell my collection. It is with great regret i have to do this. I have paperwork for all the hets except the pin hence the lower price. All weights are empty. These prices are based on the amount i bought them for please feel free to...
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    Hi guys could someone please tell me what pairing would produce hypo Burmese offspring? Thanks:2thumb:
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    Im currently looking: 0.1 green 0.1 Labyrinth or het Labyrinth or Albino labyrinth. 1.0 Albino Granite 1.1 Hypo Im in swindon wiltshire, Willing to travel for right animals but not a stupid distance. Id would prefer all the snakes to be 2010 or older except for hypos. Pm me Thanks...
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    Especially my 3 hypo het albinos.
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    Hi Guys, I got my Hypo DH Albino/Green burmese in from the states a few months ago. After a slow start he is now growing nicely and will hopefully be big enough to breed this coming season.
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    I haven't been on here for a while so I thought I'd add some pics of this beautiful pair now they are getting bigger Male.... Female... I hope you like them Lee
1-8 of 8 Results