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  1. Snake Classifieds
    female albino green burmese python, approx 9ft odd...stunning girl feeds great on rabbits or rats. great temperament out of the viv but a bit huffy when getting her out...really is a gorgeous girl and will be breedable next season £200 female granite poss het albino burmese python approx 10ft...
  2. Snake Classifieds
    Adult female Hypo Jungle boa. Looking for Adult female Hypo Jungle boa whos good so go THIS SEASON. Would prefer Fairly high expression and looking to pick up at Doncaster. CASH WAITING. :2thumb:
  3. Snake Classifieds
    cb14 hypo jungle boa £90.00 each or open to offers for the pair 1 male approx 2.3/4 foot long 1 female approx 2.1/2 foot long they eat,shed and poo how they should, both great snakes like to be handled and are not hissy or viv defencive. only for sale as i want to concentrate on my lizards...
  4. Snake Classifieds
    I have for sale I x Adult Hypo jungle boa het sharp Albino he is eating and shedding well and is a great looking snake. Was going to keep him and breed him to my 2 sharp females but I have 2 males so one has to go. He has a great temparment and is good snake to handle . I'm asking £225 for him...
  5. Snake Classifieds
    Already cheap at just £350 but i need quick quick sale so now just £275 , best deal on MALE jungle like this EVER!! He has developed amazing amoun of colour CRAZY!!
  6. Snake Classifieds
    due to a change of plans im selling my hypo jungle boa its a male 2012 about 5ft £125
  7. Snakes
    Hi guys, Thinking of purchasing this lovely lady, would anyone be able to help in identifying what kind of boa this is? Seller lists as pastel x hypo jungle Thanks in advance!
  8. Snake Classifieds
    regrettably having to sell a few bits due to the dentist but needs must and all his colour is coming throu lovely and he's growing at a good rate he's on 1 small-small med mouse a week, can't fault this little one, everything he does he does perfectly... viv not included..... viewing is...
  9. Snake Classifieds
    I have 1.1 2012 Pastel Hypo Jungle Boas for sale. Pastel colours are really starting to come through. £295 each. Delivery & payment plans can be arranged. If interested please drop me a pm, email [email protected] or call 07847 122 194. Marc
  10. Snake Classifieds
    Hi i have for sale hypo jungle boas and normals All snakes are 50% Albino 50%Vpi 33%Anery all feeding, pooping and shedding fine Parents where Hypo 100% Het CORAL 66% HET ANERY X pastel JUNGLE 100% HET VPI.. 0.1 £425 0.1 £425 0.1 £425 remember these are as well poss triple...
  11. Snake Classifieds
    This year I bred, what I think, is a first. After pairing up a Sunset female to a Jungle male. I produced a fantastic litter of Hypos and Hypo Jungles, some with very high abberancies and some with lower abberancies but classic Jungle characteristics. Some of these are now ready for sale. Breed...
  12. Snake Pictures
    Heres a few pics of a lovely little hypo jungle from our hypo jungle x dwarf pastel litter this year. She has some great Jungle characteristics like the head markings, colour of the eyes, clean creamy back, pink speckled sides and nice dark outlines to the saddles which is a characteristic...
  13. Snake Classifieds
    Looking for a hypo jungle female neonate or 09 male hypo jungle or hypo have to be ready to breed this year. Thanks for looking
  14. Snake Pictures
    sonorans 100% het leopard male female female hypo motley probable jungle male hypo jungle and lastly female "standard" hypo
  15. Snake Pictures
    FINALLY got this chap from Marc! been paying him off for what seems like an age! (thanks again for your patience Marc :2thumb:) he was well worth the wait! I grabbed these couple of pics this morning when he arrived, sorry for the quality they were a bit rushed, and also he was looking rather...
  16. Snake Classifieds
    My recent litter of pastels, hypo pastels, pastel jungles & pastel hypo jungles are now feeding well & ready to go. This litter was produced from breeding a dwarf pastel female to a hypo jungle male to the offspring should turn out to be smaller than average with incresed colour from the...
  17. Snake Pictures
    We had another great litter this morning, it was from a hypo Jungle bred to a dwarf Pastel female. She delivered after 98 days POS and had 20 live, no slugs & no still borns ...... a perfect litter. :2thumb:
  18. Snake Classifieds
    Hiya everyone :2thumb: We are looking for an 08/09 female boa to pair with our possible super salmon t/h snowglow het stripe (as shown in pic) next season...something along the lines of a visual sunglow / d/h sunglow / t/h snowglow or hypo jungle het sharp but would consider other suitable...
  19. Snakes
    this video really shows there colours well it did through the view finder: victory: Hypo jungle male and female normal - YouTube
  20. Snakes
    Hiya everyone :2thumb: I wondered if anyone could tell me if Icon Boas are still trading as their website doesnt appear to be live anymore? If anyone has a telephone/mobile number that would be really helpful as I'm trying to find out the age of our male Hypo Jungle Boa. Many thanks. Sally...
1-20 of 25 Results