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hypo jungle
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    Due to a change in breeding plans im looking to sell the following: Male Paradigm, 2017 bred by Aston at !st choice boas. settles down well in hand, feeds on large rats without issue. £175 ono Female Hypo Jungle Het Anery 50% Het Sharp Albino (poss Het Sharpsnow/Snowglow) 2015, slowly grown...
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    possible super hypo jungles 100% het sharp albino , from, a male pastel salmon jungle het sharp x female super sharp sunglow , photo of female first and male second ( I also have others available as well as hypo jungles het snowglow) , £300 each , discounts available on two or more boas...
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    Looking for a Hypo Jungle het Kahl Female of breedable age. Prefer a high expression/reduced pattern.
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    Looking for a breedable hypo jungle het Kahl (proven or 100%) male. Maybe one that's just been used this season and someone wants/needs to pass him on. Or a junglow 2 years plus. Any considered but prefer high expression.
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    I need to free up some space and cash for Hamm in March, and accordingly am offering the following at reduced prices for a quick sale. I am likely to withdraw some or all of these after Hamm. First up, pair of Ecuadorian BCI, CB14 @£200 a pair, £120 single Next is a pair of Cancun CB14 @...
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    Looking at selling or a trade for my male hypo jungle. Excellent example... Looking for a het kahl female, something around 3 yrs plus .
  7. Lizard Classifieds
    CB13 Hypo Jungle Leopard Gecko Female £50
  8. Snake Classifieds
    Looking for a good quality female hypo jungle het Kahl of breeding age. May consider a very nice hypo jungle, again of breeding age.
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    Looking for a good quality female hypo jungle 100% Kahl of breeding age. May consider a very nice hypo jungle, again of breeding age.
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    I have a male and female ready to go. There 75% CA so will stay nice and small. There 66% het blood and 50% het T2 anery. Can collect from rh1, me2 or cr8 Female £450 male £200
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    The colour on this jungle stunning, perfect in every way and an absalute steal at this low price.
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    Cracking looking Jungle that is already developing incredible colour. Perfect in every way and very low price .
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    Willing to trade these pair for one single snake... I'm looking for a nice well started albino female BUT I will consider anything younger if its of equivilant value... Sunglows etc These are both low expression jungles bred by metal snakes Swedish line jungle female x hypo male so have very...
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    Now feeding and ready to go. Doing all what he should and good to handle. Dam is 50% CA hypo jungle 100% het blood. Sire is a pure CA hypo 100% het blood & anery. This little feller will make some wicked babies if he proves out on his hets.
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    For sale: -Male Suriname BCC, CB12, from USA/Bob Clark: 155 £ -Pair of Bolivian Boas/BcAmarali, CB12, From USA/Bob Clark: 160£ each 290£ pair -Female Bci Albino Kahl, CB11, bought...
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    Hypo Jungle female wanted. Prefer reduced pattern and 2011+.
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    Had a small litter of boas last month, all are now strike feeding and ready to go to new homes. Sire- hypo jungle arabesue 100% het Kahl ablino bred by urban boa Dam- pos het zigzag blonde t+ bred by icon boas both parents can be viewed paperwork and feeding records will be supplied as usual...
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    2012 - Hypo Jungle 66% het Anery Female - £480 Payment plans available. Check my website for more available boas! : victory:
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    0.1 CB12 Hypo Jungle Pos Het Snow Eating D/F Small mice , Pooping and shedding Perfect Absolutely out standing £400ono Payment plans available picture to be emailed as photobucket playing up for me
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    This is my Hypo Jungle possible Het for Albino Female boa. She is just under 5ft eats sheds and poos fine, her temperament is amazing and almost 3 years of age. She is a wonderful snake but like my other ad's I have to sell her due to me moving and unable to keep as many animals as I have. I am...
1-20 of 24 Results