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    Change in direction enables me to offer for sale my 2020 male hypo berry blood boa. Not the usual washed out brown blood, this guy is nice bright and vibrant orange. hes roughly 18inch long, feeding 2 weekly on defrosted rat fluffs and never refuses, although you may have to offer it from the...
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    I have 4 corn snakes for sale. All born June 2019. All feeding weekly on small mice (thawed from frozen). Each comes with a fully set up, plug and play oak colour vivarium with heat source, thermostat, hides, water bowls and bulb guards. Message me if you have any questions and for more photos...
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    2012 unproven female hypo Burmese available. Partial dwarf genetics and is currently around 7/8ft long. Excellent feeder, shedder etc. Will take any defrosted prey. Very calm when handled. £150 Change in my personal circumstances forces sale Collection from Ipswich or may be able to...
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    We have some top draw 3 month old male Beardies that have all the colour genes for great looking dragons and would be perfect for breeding projects next year. Price varies with colour but base genetics are the same. Can courier at buyers expense, £45 around the U.K. with
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    1.1 CB Hypo Salmon Boas Approx 10 years old Approx 2-2.5 meters Approx 10 kg Will consider a deal if the buyer buys both together. Happy to send photos via email or Whatsapp, as file sizes are too large to upload here.:bash: Currently, in a 6X4X2 foot Viv (split) This has been well used, so...
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    Male hypo boa. Cb17. Tame and feeding on defrost rats. £40.
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    £400 for the pair, collection or delivery for cost of fuel Female Ghost (Anery, hypo) 66% poss het Khal Albino Male sunglow (Khal Albino, hypo) 100% het anery Rubs are 32L, purely for size reference. Both 2013 animals.
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    Manchester Based Female Royal pythons available 1200g 2013 proven female, fire hypo spider royal python £300 1500g 2013 Proven female VPI axanthic royal python £150 1500g 2014 Female royal python Axanthic (vpi) black pastel £300 1600g (2012) proven female super pastel hypo (orange ghost)...
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    Cb18 half dwarf hypo het granite 50% poss het albino Burmese pythons. Bred from a hypo granite het albino male 6.5 foot to a pure progschai dwarf female 7 foot. These will reach between 6-7 feet as adults. Feeding well on defrost. £300 for males £400 for females. Located in Plymouth. Can...
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    Very healthy, home bred handsome female hypo corn snake. Weighed this week at 446g I am NOT a dealer - my son went to Australia, leaving his entire collection but never came back! Shedding well, smashing down extra large mice. She has hatched 2 clutches of healthy snakes. NOTE she is a...
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    i have 1 female hypo boa about six foot in length and 1 male common boa about 5 foot in length for sale. I will try add some picture at some point today
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    Sub-adult hypo jungle het sharp, eating and shedding fine. £300. Collection Huddersfield or will courier. Can come with full setup. Pics available on request, please send email. Message if interested.
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    For sale hypo het sharp boa, unproven. Nice and chunky. £75. Collection from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Selling my collection, so will have more posts to follow.
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    Due to a change in circumstances I have the following for sale: Royals - Sub Adult to Adults 1.1 Proven het Ultramels - £130 pair 1.0 Pinstripe het Desert Ghost - £85 1.0 Hypo Super Pastel - £90 1.0 Ivory - £90 1.0 Lavender Albino - £100 1.0 Pastel Genetic Stripe -£90 1.0 Double het VPI...
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    lovely little dwarf hypo blood boa
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    An amazing looking female hypo motley 100% het blood. Doing everything she should. £375
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    Male/Female pair of adult hypo het leopards for sale. Both of these boas are very small, stunning (the male particularly) and a great little breeding project for you. They both came to the UK on a shipment together from Brian Barczyk in the US a few years back. Never got round to breeding them...
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    I got this male from Alan Singleton at Icon boas around 09/10. Have paperwork from Alan for him although I'm sure he was bred by a guy with username Boadave on here. I did breed him to a female once who I didn't think was gravid so carried on feeding her which lead to a premature birth of...
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    Hi Euro Rack comes with all sides, heat mats and tubs. Each drawer is 30 x 24 x 7.5 inches easy and fast to clean 4 morphs are T+ sunglow proven breeder (female 2012) Jungle 100% het T+ Nic (believed male 2015) T+ Nic jungle (female 2015) Hypo TH Plasma (male 2011) great markings Will...
1-20 of 493 Results