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    First of all, hello, I'm new to this site/forum and I look forward to sharing and receiving the knowledge offered by everyone here. Secondly, my actual question -- So in a few days I'm doing a presentation at my local high school where I bring in my Peruvian Red Tail Boa and do a general...
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    Hi everyone, I'm going to the vet tonight as soon as I finish work but is this IBD? that was a small one, she did quite a violent ones before thank you in advance :(
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    I lost my beautiful boa to IBD last week after only having her a year.. I also have a bearded dragon and corn snake in the same room. Was wondering if there was any way of sterilising my boa's new (artificial) plants and things to be used in my beardie's viv? Or if its better to just burn them...
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    Hi guys, im really worried about my Super Dwarf Reticulated Python, ive had him for over a year now and every since the day I got him hes been shaky when hes moving, like slighty wobbly as hes slithering and hes always going up (thats the only way i can describe it). Kinda like stargazing always...
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    Mysterious Snake Disease Decoded |
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    A few days ago i purchased a hatchling CRB from a not hugely reputable pet shop if you catch my drift, anyway it was being kept in a 1.5x1 foot vivarium with high temperatur and very high humidity. Since getting it home i have kept it of coco fibre with very high humidity and a 30 degres side...
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    Ok, just went to feed the BPs. One didn't feed, so i picked her up to clean the cage anyway, then i realised she's lost an inconceivable amount of weight and seems to have lost all motor functions... can't right herself, a horrible sight. :( She's a gonner i should think. I have two other BPs...
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    Hello One of my baby boas I mentioned before died. I'm just wondering why this happened? I saw some of Inclusion Body Disease on her but my VET don't confirm my opinion. He said the boa was lethargic because of going 1 month without a meal. The boa had some symptoms like stargazing (head...
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    Hey guys, I've never posted on this forum before but maybe somebody can help me out. I have a boa who is about 4-5 years old, and I've owned her for 2. She's very friendly and has ordinary behavior, she eats regularly, interacts with people, and spends most of her time in her box. For the...
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    Just heard that there is a new test out for IBD, seemingly its a blood test which undergoes PCR ( POlymerase chain reaction) to test for the DNA sequence of the virus iteself in the blood and not the actual inclusions which are merely a symptom . Its been out around a month and costs about...
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    For those that may not have read into this before, it's all quite interesting and very exciting that scientists are FINALLY paying attention to virus' such as IBD in snakes :) We may start to get somewhere in the not so distant future! Unusual Virus May Tie Snakes In Knots - Science News
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    Hey, I'm sure i'm worrying without reason, but; my 2 month old corn snake had been staring at the roof of her viv, for a while apparently. I have not witnessed this as she lives with my boyfriend whilst some work is being done on my house. anyway, he, being a pessimist, is convinced she has...
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    I work for a company that perform a lot of genetic testing and we are constantly looking to expand into new areas. Doing a search I have come across several threads discussing the potential use of molecular techniques for the sexing of reptiles, specifically ones that are problematic to sex when...
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    Help, my 4yr old male corn snake has just started (tonight) showing signs of IBD. I've read they are just carriers and shouldn't have the symptoms but looking at videos he is exhibiting every symptom to a T - corkscrew body movement, upside down and sideways head, unable to right himself, 1 iris...
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    Hi guys, I'm considering taking on an unwanted carpet python from a large collection, however it is underweight and not feeding very well; and I am concerned that other boids in the collection MAY (it has never been proven) have had IBD. . . I definitely don't want to take it home until I am...
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    Wishing to expand on my snake collection with one last snake, I was looking at a lesser enchi royal, however after getting my first boa I have started to be swayed into a sunglow boa. Now without getting into the preferences of everyone's personal choice, I'm a little worried about the whole IBD...
  17. Snakes A great read about ibd i recommend people take the time to read this
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    I have a royal atm, and i plan to pick up a dwarf boa from donny, whats the best way to stop the potential threat of IBD? Thanks
1-18 of 26 Results