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    I am unfortunately having to put my red iguana up for sale, she is 4 yrs old, she is friendly but can be a bit moody if not let out of her enclosure often, she is eating well and loves going for a ride arond the house on your shoulder. The price is for the iggy only if the setup is wanted as...
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    I have for sale a cb10 male Cuban rock iguana these are not offered for sale much so is a rare opportunity to own such a wonder animal he is tame eats well and does everything he should any questions you can call on 07784809758 comes with his cites paperwork
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    Here is our Red Iggy girl. She is very sociable and has a great appetite and diet selection. She is up for sale as the interaction is no longer possible due to a small PAT dog which does not have the right approach to her. We have had her for 2 years, When we got her she was undersize living...
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    10 year old male rhino iguana comes micro chipped and with endangered animals certificate not very friendly but 100% healthy and looks stunning.:gasp: adult he was bred by a top breeder in austria great price for the boy will courrier and i will knock a little off price if courrier needed pm for...
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    stunning male red iguana for sale, any questions please contact me
  6. Lizards
    Hi I have a year old green iguana which I got from a good well known pet shop. She (I think) is becoming better when handling but I was wondering if there is any tricks or tips anyone could give me to make her feel more comfortable. She still tail flicks occasionally and opens her mouth as if...
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    I'm selling my adult iguana called Boris.. He's 6yrs old and tame.. He's walks around the house will eat from your hand.. He loves his baths an coming out his viv for a nose.. Also comes with or without his viv which is basically a double shower unit so is big.. I want his to go to a good home...
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    im re-homing my adult male iggy, i have no idea of his age but i would guess he's 6 or 7, he's mostly tame(he has his moments where he likes to display his dominance,puffing up, tail happy) he's got a good appetite on him and does everything he should and i regularly handle him. im looking to...
  9. Snake Pictures
    I just thought I would show some pic of my dads Iggy, she want let anyone come near her apart from me and my dad.:flrt: Me and Banner. I think she is try to log on to RFUK LOL. Banner having a nice bath. Watching my Dad outside. Making sure I am still there.
  10. Lizard Pictures
    This is me and my dad's Iggy, I was helping my mum as only me and my dad can get him/her out.:2thumb: He just turning the laptop on to sign into RFUK.:lol2: Me and Banner:2thumb:
  11. Lizard Pictures
    Just thought I would give an update on our iggy. A few days ago I posted on here asking for help as I cant get our iggy out of the viv. Thanks to salazare slytherin who gave us some great help my daughter got him out, yes that right my 11 year old (fuzzy wuzzy). I clean him out feed him but he...
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    Considering buying a red iguana. May consider greens. Mostly wondering what people have. Wont be buying until I get paid in a couple weeks time mainly looking at moment at what sort of cost an Iggy with setup would be and when paid if I got the funds to spare will be buying then. Any babies...
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    Our Male Ctenosaura similis is looking for a new home. He is around 10 years old and is fairly tolerable of human contact. Not looking for a lot for him, just that he has an adequately sized enclosure and is given the proper care. Please message me for more information. Thanks
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    Time and money means I have to let this fella go :sad: Would estimate he is 3 years old (Rehomed him from someone) and currently 2 feet long-ish Has previously dropped his tail, and this can be seen, although it has completely healed but is shortened as you would expect. This was before I had...
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    10 month old green iguana, currently shedding,eating pooping doing all it should, unsure of sex , £45
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    Our adult male c. similis is in need of a new home. We took him off a friend who had too many iguanas to house as a temporary solution to the problem and now we would like him to go to a home with a larger setup and will consider giving him away to a home with a female c. similis. He is not...
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    Green iguana 3-4months old very healthy. Too young to sex. £60 any questions just ask :-)
  18. Lizards
    hey guys looking for a bit of help, switching from a MVB in my igs viv and need help finding suitable fittings for an arcadia T5 d3 34 inch bulb. also looking for a suitable normal style lightbulb to fit into his MVB socket ideas, names and suggestions please !!! : victory:
  19. Lizards
    Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while and usually I put nice threads on or I try to anyway haha but this is more of a concerned one :( As many of you know Drako has had a perfect row of spines for years!!! But he got into the habit of sleeping under a log, which as he gradually got bigger and...
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    Hi All, I will be getting an iguana at the end of the year from a friend who is emigrating. Anyway i will be dedicating our ex spare bedroom to the iggy, I was just wondering if any one has any tips for me to think about when allowing the iggy to free roam. The iggy will be having a viv...
1-20 of 188 Results