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  1. Habitat
    The nearly finished viv, with my boyfriend who built it. The bath is sunk down into a cupboard under the viv, along with a home-made misting system that I can't hope to understand. Zelda seems happy with her new home :)
  2. Lizards
    Hi there I found this baby in my door! With pieces of eggs attached! I think that its an Iguana! But I'm not sure! Can you help me to identify my CARLOTA?? THANKS!
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi need this gone asap 400 ono its 1400 brand new its 6ft long i bought it to house my iguna and its too big for my room need away asap email me or txt 07710675753 i am from motherwell can arrange shiping
  4. Equipment & Supplies
    I have a large tank for sale for an iguna or large animals need it gone asap 400 ono it is 6ft long 3ft wide tank is 1400 brand new its like some thing out a zoo i cant post a pic but if u txt me or email me ill send one thanks 07710675753
  5. Lizard Classifieds
    Madagascar Iguana - Chalarodon madagascariensis available. Possible 1.1 pair, sub adult.
  6. Lizards
    hi i have just aquired this iguana can any one with a bit of experience tell me if he looks ok i do have him booked in to the vets for a health check up im told its a male 3yrs old so what do guys think his temps are all good havnt seen him eat yet but he is very active out of the viv cheers john
  7. Lizards
    Just after a few opinions really. I have two options available to me a male or a female iguana and was wondering if any more experienced keepers have noticed a difference in their personalities based on sex. The girl i might get them off has described the male as a little grumpy but fine once...
  8. Lizards
    Hello need advice on away to make a big viv for a green iguana happy. I have been trying to get big logs for climing and its not going very well, is there any other way I can do this without tree logs. I could use shelfs witch I will be, but Not to meny. I was thinking maybe buy timber from B&Q...
  9. Lizards
    Hi need to know what is the minimum size viv you could use to house a Rhino Iguana "Adult". Cheers.: victory:
1-9 of 9 Results